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Sunday, September 14, 2014


With few words and many ideas
Where they’ll take me I don’t know
Step into the current with some fears
Submerging within my own creativity

Monday, August 25, 2014

End of summer

The end of summer has arrived. I am off this week from school until the fall semester begins on Sept 1. I could use the break, the two semesters this summer kept me busy. I passed the second class, Intercultural Communication with an A. I feel fantastic, because I did well despite the challenges I endured this semester. That’s two A’s down, hoping for more in the upcoming terms! This was a good summer. I worked a lot and had a chance to have some fun in the mix. I tried Korean food for the first time. 

I continue to explore the city and enjoy the street art. I love the sunny days we’ve been having in New York City. The many days spent at the waterfront is inspiring. It helps me to reflect, write, and get new ideas for my future endeavors. I need a new notebook. I’m still crafting, and hope to sell some of my crafts. A merchant friend gave me lots of cool pieces of broken jewelry to support my crafting. I love sparkle. Let’s see how this goes.

I reluctantly post here on the Creative Corner since I am working on my book. The book is an extension of this blog and I want to save the best for last for the book. I am still unsure about the future of this blog. The book will determine if the Creative Corner will remain or not.  I hope you enjoy the occasional poetry I post here. They give some insight of what’s happening in my life or life in general. I look forward to how the end of the year will play out. For now, here’s to more sunny days, reflection, and ice coffee!

Thanks for reading, it’s always appreciated. 

Walking along

Walking along this journey
Releasing any barriers around me
People, things, or unexplainable circumstances
Still moving forward, taking chances
Can’t see the future, only the vision
That will someday take me out of Brooklyn
My birthplace made for the innovative
Grateful to be part of the creative
Like flying seagulls by the ocean front
Imagination moves like water’s current
Sun guides the footprints in the sand
Feeling safe in the palm of His hand
Appreciate the moments of each day
Taking new steps along the way

Friday, August 1, 2014

For the Love of Recycling-Upcycling

“Hey what’s that noise you’re making?”
“Nothing mom, just here looking”
She doesn’t know that bag of used gems
Can be used to display my many poems
Old paper, glitter-glue, and colorful paints
My creative masterpiece awaits!

Oh the joy that consumes me
Knowing I can get cardboard for free
Collecting many pieces from a local store
Brother can’t hide packages from me anymore
Keeping every cap and bottle after use
Family no longer wants to buy juice

Always asked, “You’re going to keep that crap?”
With glee I say, “Yes, now give me that scrap!”
Cut and paste together old pieces of fabric
Making bracelets out of recycled plastic
Wait! Don’t throw away that magazine today
When I can create a beaded necklace by Friday

Those soup cans were mine from the start
Going to be my next pieces of decorative art
Not ashamed to admit I collect toilet tissue rolls
They help make some pretty flower bowls
It’s all for my love of creativity, art, and recycling
Now leave that garbage bag and let me do my thing!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Bedroom

The night is still on a July Thursday
Trying to write with not much to say
Channel NYC drive is on the TV
Traffic and city lights glow from what I can see
Fascinated by smoke from the burning incense
Creating shapes moving around in the distance
A room that’s filled with past, present, and color
Each aspect having its own traveler
Changing pace as time goes
Emotions left behind while the room froze
Locking in every memory and experience
Holding on to purpose and its unique essence
The incense can no longer burn
Another moment must take its turn
Remember the smoky fragrance
Still lingering in my absence

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Seat at the View

Light raindrops fall onto the notebook
Blue ink smears the recycled brown paper
The words run off the page
Perhaps they already served their purpose
The rain becomes steady
Notebook is put away
The metal table becomes wet
The umbrella remains in my bag
Raindrops fall on my brows, down my eyes and cheeks
I don’t care
The water’s current moves the same
As a man walks to the corner of the pier’s railing
He begins taking pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge
He is unmoved by the steady rain
I am moved by his actions
Glasses become slightly foggy
The man leaves
The raindrops stop falling
Clouds move aside, the sky opens
Sun peeks out
The bridge becomes a shadow in the distance

And I remain sitting there

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Standing by the water’s edge
Quietly making a silent pledge
Letting go of past afflictions
Looking to see my own reflection

The current moves in my direction
Take a step forward without caution
Dip feet into the shallow water
My mind goes into a blur

Suds gathers the ankles
Creating mini circles
Take in a deep breath
Desire life more than death

Stand still for a moment
Element poses no judgment
Clouds take in my thoughts
Nearby seagulls walk like robots

Walk back onto the shoreline
It’s a little past nine
The fresh morning breeze
Puts my mind at ease

 Sit down on the soft sand
With pen and notebook in hand
Jot down my inner emotions
And unresolved burdens

Wind picks up suddenly
Continue to write freely
Blowing through the many pages
Seeing self in different stages

Contemplate what’s next for me
As an overcast approaches the sea
Listen to the ocean speak
My hand becomes weak

Light rain begins to fall
Feeling ever so small
Alone and unaware
That God was always there