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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Walk along the Shoreline and the Gift of Seashells

Friday, September 26, 2014

I found myself back at the beach where I find peace from the world. I went on the opposite side of Coney Island beach than where I usually visit. It was easier to walk on the sand, it was leveled and not as hilly. I put my cane in my book bag as I began my walk. I noticed that walking without the cane is okay with the exception that I feel off balanced. I see that in pictures of me standing up. I lean which I don’t like, but it’s understandable. Something is missing, a part of me is missing. I lean for many reasons. Often times it’s not physical. I joke saying my body is a geologic map, because like the Earth it’s always changing. My body is always changing. So is my spirit. Despite the leaning, I still walk forward. Walking along the shoreline distracts me from thinking about my appearance. I just don’t worry about it. As far as I’m concerned, I am one with nature. I enjoy watching the seagulls walk along or follow me. I like watching the ocean and the seashells wash up shore. I came prepared with my plastic bags to pick seashells. I’m trying to gather as much as I can before winter comes. I collect as well as use them for crafting. The more odd shaped they are, the more I like them.

When I walk along the shoreline, I reflect a lot. I think about things especially about life and love. I separate the two since they both play different roles in my life. Lately, neither have made me happy. However, I am here so I have no choice but to think about them. I am disappointed and at times I feel short changed. Why don’t I have the things I want and most of all need? I continue walking. I think about this journey and its hardships. I think about my loneliness. I love, at times in love, and don’t know where it will go if anywhere. It doesn’t change what’s in my heart. It doesn’t change what my spirit tells me. I am afraid of knowing, yet I am curious about the unknown. Time goes by. I wait and I keep walking. The shoreline changes quickly so I try to capture it. My phone is overwhelmed with images, sometimes with video. I made a couple of videos. My phone definitely slowed down afterwards. I kept walking.

I stopped by this wooden thing, I think it was part of the rocky jetty. It was filled with green plant life that I didn’t know what to make of it. I put my bag of shells on it to organize my book bag. I already had a bag filled with shells already. An older gentleman approached me with his fishing rod and vest/jacket in hand. By his gesture, I thought he wanted to put his stuff where my shells were. When I went to take the bag away, he said something. I took off my headphones when he said, “Oh no, may I see your seashells?” I said, “Sure” and he took a look. He asked me if I collect seashells, and I said yes. Another man approached us and listened. His dog was nearby with a stick in its mouth. The gentleman said that the whole clams make “good bait.” He then smiled and looked at the man. The man, who could be in his mid to late 30s, said there isn’t a lot of whole clam shells around. He then looked at me and smiled, “Are you looking for the whole ones?” The gentleman waved bye and walked away.

I smiled at the man and replied, “It really doesn’t matter to me. I use them for crafting and I collect too.” The stranger seemed surprised and said, “Oh yea?” As we smiled, I told him I wouldn’t mind finding whole shells but don’t see any around. I asked if he collected them and he said, “No, usually collect them to make the woman’s jewelry.” His dog moaned indicating that he wanted the man to throw the stick. When he did, the dog happily ran after it as he continued talking to me. He explained that during high tide in the area we stood, whole clam shells wash up along the jetty. He suggested I stay for another hour since that’s when the tide is at its peak. The time was after 3 o’clock. I thanked him and he smiled saying “You’re welcome, bye bye.” Before I walked away, I put the bag of shells in my bag, and looked at my phone. The man came back. “I’m sorry, do you have an extra bag?” I said sure and gave him one. I had plenty. He then walked away and moments later he returned. 

“I’m sorry to keep bothering you…” I smiled, “Oh no bother at all.” He held out his hands. In them were two whole clam shells. “I found these for you.” I smiled so hard thanking him. He smiled back and said, “Now you can add these to your collection. Have a good day.” I felt honored, because he went into the water to find those shells. Also, he didn’t have to do that, and lastly, he was just sweet. It’s been years since I spoke about nature to a man. I could have skipped towards the boardwalk that’s how happy I felt. In that moment, he made me feel like a lady. I hardly ever get approached by anyone, and if I do it’s usually not a good experience. This handsome stranger made me feel pretty, pretty in my element. A rare experience I will cherish.

When I got on the boardwalk, I took out the cane and walked. I regained my balance. This is a day by day process. Despite how I feel, know I have to keep walking.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Journey and its Untold Story

It was recently suggested that I write my story. Not the one I'm currently writing, but the one that is unfolding now. I was told it's a story that many people can relate to and should be shared. Life has many ups and downs. Sometimes the downs outweigh the ups. I've been contemplating about that. I've been contemplating on a lot of things. Sharing my story is motivating to see where this journey has led me. Yet, there are parts of it that's raw. This current journey I'm on is raw and painful and confusing all bottled up into one. It was suggested that if I focus on this part of the journey, I could reach a greater audience, and may even help those who are experiencing what I'm experiencing.

I'm just not sure how to do that.

I took a walk along the shoreline. I didn't listen to any music and instead the sounds of the ocean's waves. The seagulls were walking with me, literally. A butterfly flew by, where it came from is unbeknownst to me. There were few people out, and I picked some seashells. Life has taken a down turn for me. Expressing it has become harder than expected. It surprises me, because I'm usually good at saying how I feel. Like the breeze, I just want to move along without talking or feeling. For now, I rather be by the water and watch nature take its course. I love going to the beach during the spring and fall seasons. It's quiet, not many people are on the beach, and there are more shells for the picking. I especially enjoy walking along the shoreline. The footprints in the sand are interesting to see. I wonder what footprints in the sand I made. I wonder where they'll take me.

My story continues.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


With few words and many ideas
Where they’ll take me I don’t know
Step into the current with some fears
Submerging within my own creativity

Monday, August 25, 2014

End of summer

The end of summer has arrived. I am off this week from school until the fall semester begins on Sept 1. I could use the break, the two semesters this summer kept me busy. I passed the second class, Intercultural Communication with an A. I feel fantastic, because I did well despite the challenges I endured this semester. That’s two A’s down, hoping for more in the upcoming terms! This was a good summer. I worked a lot and had a chance to have some fun in the mix. I tried Korean food for the first time. 

I continue to explore the city and enjoy the street art. I love the sunny days we’ve been having in New York City. The many days spent at the waterfront is inspiring. It helps me to reflect, write, and get new ideas for my future endeavors. I need a new notebook. I’m still crafting, and hope to sell some of my crafts. A merchant friend gave me lots of cool pieces of broken jewelry to support my crafting. I love sparkle. Let’s see how this goes.

I reluctantly post here on the Creative Corner since I am working on my book. The book is an extension of this blog and I want to save the best for last for the book. I am still unsure about the future of this blog. The book will determine if the Creative Corner will remain or not.  I hope you enjoy the occasional poetry I post here. They give some insight of what’s happening in my life or life in general. I look forward to how the end of the year will play out. For now, here’s to more sunny days, reflection, and ice coffee!

Thanks for reading, it’s always appreciated. 

Walking along

Walking along this journey
Releasing any barriers around me
People, things, or unexplainable circumstances
Still moving forward, taking chances
Can’t see the future, only the vision
That will someday take me out of Brooklyn
My birthplace made for the innovative
Grateful to be part of the creative
Like flying seagulls by the ocean front
Imagination moves like water’s current
Sun guides the footprints in the sand
Feeling safe in the palm of His hand
Appreciate the moments of each day
Taking new steps along the way

Friday, August 1, 2014

For the Love of Recycling-Upcycling

“Hey what’s that noise you’re making?”
“Nothing mom, just here looking”
She doesn’t know that bag of used gems
Can be used to display my many poems
Old paper, glitter-glue, and colorful paints
My creative masterpiece awaits!

Oh the joy that consumes me
Knowing I can get cardboard for free
Collecting many pieces from a local store
Brother can’t hide packages from me anymore
Keeping every cap and bottle after use
Family no longer wants to buy juice

Always asked, “You’re going to keep that crap?”
With glee I say, “Yes, now give me that scrap!”
Cut and paste together old pieces of fabric
Making bracelets out of recycled plastic
Wait! Don’t throw away that magazine today
When I can create a beaded necklace by Friday

Those soup cans were mine from the start
Going to be my next pieces of decorative art
Not ashamed to admit I collect toilet tissue rolls
They help make some pretty flower bowls
It’s all for my love of creativity, art, and recycling
Now leave that garbage bag and let me do my thing!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Bedroom

The night is still on a July Thursday
Trying to write with not much to say
Channel NYC drive is on the TV
Traffic and city lights glow from what I can see
Fascinated by smoke from the burning incense
Creating shapes moving around in the distance
A room that’s filled with past, present, and color
Each aspect having its own traveler
Changing pace as time goes
Emotions left behind while the room froze
Locking in every memory and experience
Holding on to purpose and its unique essence
The incense can no longer burn
Another moment must take its turn
Remember the smoky fragrance
Still lingering in my absence