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Saturday, May 28, 2011

When you just know

There are times in our lives when we just know something. We don't know what it is, but for some reason we can feel it. When this happens to me, I believe it's God's way of trying to tell, warn, or prepare me for something that's going to happen. This feeling can be scary. However, it's necessary for us to maintain our strength and prepare for the unexpected. Vibes, body language, change in attitude from people around us can all contribute to these emotions. I can always sense when something is wrong just by the way someone looks, acts, or responds to me. I'm no psychic but I do have strong intuition. It's this strong emotion that protects me from negativity. Sometimes there's nothing you can do to change what's going to happen. As my dad says, "You have to adapt to every situation and adjust." I couldn't agree more.

I know it's been a while since I shared my creative path with you. Let's see, I've been investigating potholes, broken sidewalks, reflecting (which I always do), and teaching. Things have been good, with the exception of an achy hip--some things don't change! Otherwise, I am staying positive and trying to promote myself in a way I didn't think possible. Between this blog, my You Tube channel, Twitter, and networking, it's helping me stay focused on my dreams. Classes are going well, my students are impressing me each time I enter the classroom. Their passion for learning and trying to live their American dream is wonderful. That's something I don't think an administrator will see. As a teacher, I am blessed to experience their journey.

But one thing I am noticing is the change in vibes from (some) people around me. Sometimes I feel there's a hidden plot out against me. This is a reality. When you know at some point you are going to have to stand up against the masses, preparation is key.

I believe, more now than ever, that when you are true to yourself, no one can take anything away from you. It doesn't matter what power they have. You can only be you. I will continue to stand tall no matter what negative vibes that's thrown at me.

So here's a suggestion. Let's play this game of uncertainly. I'm ready, are you?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The bumpiness continues part II

36th St and 5th Ave, BK
37th St and 5th Ave, BK
I went back to 5th Ave and 36-37th Streets in Brooklyn, to see if there's been any improvement on the potholes and broken pavement.

See for yourself.

Watch me test my reporting skills as I show this ongoing problem.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainy days

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Rainy days are usually quiet, boring, hum-drum days for me. Walking in harsh rain isn't comfortable, losing the umbrella is aggravating, and getting my clothes soaked makes me feel yucky. I'm not a fan of rainy days.

However, I cant deny that a good cup of coffee...

...and my laptop

can make a rainy day not so bad. Sometimes I enjoy listening to the raindrops. It allows my mind to wander to new places. I come up with new ideas, new goals, and sometimes feelings I never knew existed. That's always the fun part.

I like looking out the window, watching the clouds make their journey. The breeze and wet sound from the street makes me feel relaxed. I like to daydream looking out the window.

I guess rainy days aren't so bad. Besides, the sun will return eventually.

The pothole is still there

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Last week, I blogged about potholes in Brooklyn. The one that stood out for me is on 56th Street and 8th Avenue in Brooklyn. I reached out to DOT and still no progress.

Is it me or does it look like it's gotten bigger?

Public garbage can?

Even the cone can't hide its depth!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The bumpiness continues

5th Ave &34th Street, BK
34th St next to Greenwood Cemetery, BK
One day riding the B63 bus to work, I noticed it was rocking back and forth, going up and down along 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. For a moment, I thought I was on one of those rollercoasters at Six Flags, or in a bumper car at Corny Island! I looked out the window and noticed some badly broken up pavement and potholes. I knew I had to return to the scene to snap pictures.
And so I did.

Wednesday 5-11-11: I took the R train to 36th Street in Brooklyn, and  walked up to 34th Street. Along the gated Greenwood Cemetery, I noticed lots and lots of broken pavement. It was so bad, there were pieces of rock everywhere. To a rock collector, like myself, this would've been a great opportunity to pick some samples. I was tempted at first, but I was there on business, so I grabbed my camera and snapped away.

36th St &5th Ave, BK
35th St &5th Ave, BK
As I walked towards 5th Ave, more broken pavement and pothole after pothole. This stretched from 34th to 39th Streets. Ironically, the MTA bus depot is along this stretch of bumpy mess. Hmm.

I had to step onto the street to get some closeup shots. It was dangerous, especially when there was on-coming traffic. I was careful. What is going on with our streets? Why isn't this being looked into? I'm on the case.

37th St &5th Ave, BK

A Day in the Life

Welcome to Sunset Park, BK

I took a walk this week. I did some thinking, picture taking, observing, discovering, the usual things I like to do. Each day, I strive to accomplish at least one goal I set for myself. I try to stay busy, because it keeps me focused and gets me one step closer to making my dreams come true. Sunset Park, in Brooklyn, is one of my favorite neighborhoods. I’ve grown an attachment to it since working there two years ago, and can’t get enough. Besides working there, I find any excuse to visit the area. Just going to the park, snapping pictures, taking in the sunshine gives me joy. I want to live there someday. 

Belt Parkway BK
There are many areas in Brooklyn and the other boroughs I admire. Although I haven’t frequented Staten Island or the Bronx, I still admire each borough’s natural beauty. I’ve always been a nature girl; ironically I was born in a city lifestyle. Nature always makes me feel happy. I’m still a geologist at heart. One of the things I love most about living here is going on car drives. Now I can imagine what people reading this are thinking, why would I love car drives when there’s so much traffic? OK, I don’t love the traffic, but I do enjoy riding along the highway. I get to daydream, see something new, and (hopefully) be in good company. Since I don’t drive, I don’t get to experience this often. That will change soon. 

I often wonder what my life would’ve been like if I never lived here? Would I be this creative?  New York City is an interesting place. What’s not to talk about? There are times I become bored, because I’ve been here all my life. And I certainly want to travel and live somewhere else one day, just for the experience. But I can’t deny, as stressful and expensive this place can be NYC is a fascinating city. I have more of an appreciation for it now than I had years ago. The convenience here is great especially for people, like me, who don’t drive. As much as I utilize the transit system, there’s still a lot more for me to see. For instance, I love Queens. That’s one place I want to visit more often. 

pothole on 5th Ave & 50th St, BK
Lately, I’ve been traveling within Brooklyn in search of potholes and broken sidewalks. Inspired by my friend and PIX 11 reporter, Greg Mocker, I wanted to see how bumpy Brooklyn really is. From what I’ve observed so far, we are very bumpy. More needs to be done to fix our sidewalks and streets. Not only it damages cars, but can cause people unnecessary slips and falls. I should know!  Noticing these potholes and broken sidewalks have inspired me to report and blog about it, in hopes something will get done. Plus, I get a chance to be an amateur investigative reporter/writer. Sounds interesting huh?

8th Ave Brooklyn
Despite the bumps and lumps, I enjoy walking in new neighborhoods. Sunset Park is definitely one of them. I walked along 7th Avenue for the first time (I’m very familiar with 8th and 9th Avenues), and realized how quiet and residential it is. The store owners are friendly, and no one makes you feel uncomfortable. I like that. Although 8th Avenue is crowded, I enjoy being part of the crowd in Brooklyn Chinatown. It’s so colorful (like me) and have many shops to explore. I’ve learned years ago, when I first worked in Manhattan Chinatown, that you must know how to walk in busy, fast-paced crowds. If not, you may get pushed aside. It’s not done purposely, just the nature of the environment. Now I’m used to it, and can walk my way through a crowd I didn’t think was possible! I’ve made friends at some local businesses along 8th and 9th Avenues, which makes the journey even more worthwhile. Not to mention I occasionally run into former students of mine. That’s definitely a plus!

A day in my life is one filled of simplistic joys. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m on the trail of more discoveries about NYC, and most importantly about myself.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Broken New York City: Welcome to Brooklyn's bumpier side

5-5-11: broken sidewalk on Ashland Pl. Brooklyn, NY
5-9-11: corner of 56th Street and 8th Ave. Brooklyn, NY
New York City is considered the greatest city in the   world. We have skyscrapers, 24/7 entertainment, get eateries, and more. It's the city that never sleeps. Yet, we are also the bumpiest city. In Brooklyn alone, more and more potholes, broken sidewalks, and bumpy streets are becoming part of the daily routine. According to The Brooklyn Eagle newspaper (2-21-11), the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) fills 2,000 potholes a day. Since this January, 83,850 potholes were filled in New York City. Although the DOT have filled these potholes, more are popping up rapidly. Many sidewalks are being untreated as well. I've personally fell on several of these broken sidewalks; they are uncomfortable to walk on. So what happens now? I've reported these issues to 311 and the DOT.

Let's see what will happen next.

4-30-11: broken pavement at Borough Hall Brooklyn, NY
5-9-11: broken street along Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New taxis anyone?

I got off the bus today and walked into the middle of a live news report from News 12 Brooklyn. There are new taxis that will be launching at Marine Park Terminal in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz says this new initiative will bring 800 jobs to Brooklyn. These taxis accommodate people with disabilities equipped with a ramp and convenient seating space. I had a chance to check them out  for myself, and I was very impressed by its design. There's no set date of its arrival to Brooklyn, but it's definitely a great initiative.