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Saturday, June 25, 2011

If I could have a second chance

If I could have a second chance
To walk into that room
Filled with silence and bewilderment
Smiling with anticipation

Quiet hellos, nodding
White canvas marked with colors
“Try your best, believe in yourself”
An introduction into my future

If I could have a second chance
To play that song
 “Lean on me”
Sing along
The tune of language

Acting out scenes
Of life’s dialogue
Inquiring audience
Write reviews
   An unpredicted performance

If I could have a second chance 
To watch the sunset
Park under the big tree
Sip tea and chit chat

A second chance
To play in colorful dust
Embrace new texts
Collectively plan
Tomorrow’s surprise

If I could
Relive the laughter
Hugs and handshakes
Be called “Teacher”
One more time
I would have it all again

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dearest one: a love note

Dearest one,

I don’t think I’m good with writing love letters. Maybe it’s because I never had the kind of love that could allow me to fully express myself. I want to believe that I know what it truly means to be in love. I’m no expert but this much I do know. I know how much you mean to me. Throughout our lives, we travel to many places, see many things, have new experiences. I stand in the middle of a busy city wondering where you are; wonder if our paths will ever cross. With every breeze felt, I try to transport a silent message to you hoping you will hear me. As the sun beams brightly, I hope it warms you with my smile. The clouds fill the sky, may it guide us to each other.  I don’t have many wishes, I don’t make many requests, but one thing I strive for is to be close to you. Dearest one, may you someday allow me to love you and you will possibly love me back.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A weekend gift: graduation and Dad's day

This was a difficult week for me. Due to budget cuts, I will no longer be teaching ESL classes. This news have made both my students and I very sad. With many tears, whys, and somber moods, this week is one I would like to forget. However, God works in mysterious ways. This weekend has made up for the bad week. I graduated this Saturday from Rasmussen College with an Associates degree in Human Services
( This is my third degree. Although there wasn't a ceremony, that won't happen until October, I am proud to be a graduate. To celebrate, I met some friends at a local cafe in my neighborhood. It was great! I loved our conversation and the ambiance of the cafe. The food was good and the staff were friendly. My friends really made me smile, and I appreciated their company.

Today is Father's Day. My mom and I planned to take my dad out. As we headed downstairs, unexpectedly my uncle was there waiting for us. He said he wanted to visit us but forgot our bell number. So he sat there hoping we would come out. I haven't seen my uncle in months so it was great seeing him.We invited him to join us, and we went to the same cafe I visited yesterday. We had a great time laughing, talking about politics, and complimenting the delicious food. The lady I met yesterday was happy to see me. I said to her, "I'm back, and this time I brought the family!" She smiled and said, "Thank you so much!"

After wards, my uncle went home, and my parents and I went to the promenade. We took pictures and laughed some more. The sun was out, so bright and so hot. I loved it!

I feel better. This was the first time in a week I smiled and laughed. I thank my friends and family for making this weekend a great one, and for making me feel special. I love them all.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A drive with my dad

I love taking drives with my dad. Not only he's a good driver, but we have the best conversations. Sometimes he plays music,  R&B or jazz, mainly songs we both enjoy. The car always smells good, sweet musk which nicely combines with the smell of his cologne. I can never tell what kind of cologne he wears since he wears many types. My dad always greets me with a kiss on my cheek, smiles, and says "How are you Darie?" Darie is a nickname he's been calling me since I was a little girl. I'm always happy to see my dad.

Our drives together can vary. Whether he's taking me to a doctor's appointment, or picking me up from work, it's always different. I get a chance to ask how he's feeling or what he did during the day. The story is different each time. My dad has had a difficult life. Things were not easy for him. Sacrifices, hardships, and lost all made my dad the strong person he is today. Despite adversities, my dad has found a new lease on life. He has inspired me in so many ways.

During our drives together, I share many personal things with him. I always say, "Well dad, you've lived more life than me, I trust your judgment." He always chuckles at my statement replying, "Well you know Darie, I'm always here to offer any advice or suggestion I can give. I am your dad." I share a lot with him, but the greatest gift is he shares a lot with me. I feel like I'm learning something new about him. For example, I didn't know how much the Marines impacted his life. The Marines taught my dad the importance of strength and courage, as well as, to take pride in self and this country. Listening to his experiences being a Marine, traveling overseas, and his respect for the armed forces, makes me proud. I am honored to be the daughter of a veteran.

I love my dad very much. I've always been a daddy's girl, and the older I get the closer I get to him. I'm lucky to have had him in my life, and truly appreciate our drives together. I think it adds more happiness to our lives and for that I am grateful.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finding inspiration

It's hard to meet people. It's even harder to make new friends. I guess I'm going through a social dry spell. However, I won't let that stop me from having a good time...even if I'm alone. I love taking pictures and gain inspiration through things I see. It also influences me to write. Through pictures, colors, the warmth of the sun, all of these things makes my imagination soar! I'm grateful for life. Everyday I wake up, I know it gives me another chance to experience something new, gain more inspiration, more reason to write.

My hope, for anyone who reads this, is that they find their inspiration. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it. Don't let anyone steal your joy. We are all inspired by different things. Let that inspiration create a path and experience the journey along the way.

I am colorful. That's what inspires me to inspire others.