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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Walk and My New Found Love for Crafting

On January 12, I took my first walk. It's been a month since surgery and despite my reluctance I decided to take a slow stroll up the block from my home. Once I got outside, I stood silently remembering the first steps I took after my first surgery in 2012. I did the same thing I did that year, I stood looking up at the sun and said thank you. It was a bit chilly for a Sunday afternoon. In 2012, it was March and the weather was much nicer. My mom accompanied me as we walked slowly to the corner. It was then I saw some new graffiti art. I had taken a picture of its original art on the side of a store. Apparently, its now different and more vibrant with colors. I will take pictures of it in due time. I love street art, particularly graffiti and murals. We walked to the store, a new discount store that had me smiling from ear to ear. Everything in it had things I needed, wanted, and brought memories of when I used to teach. It also had things I could use to craft things with such as rhinestones, seashells, and contact paper. This is the biggest one we've had in some time. I am happy it is here. In walking back home, I felt pain through my leg and foot. I wasn't surprised. I was just happy to be outside and under the sun. I missed it. I miss the waterfront. I will get there soon.

I began physical therapy on January 8. The place I go to is convenient since it's near my home. I still use an ambulette service to take me there. Soon I hope to return taking the bus. I don't miss the crowds on the infamous B38 bus! The physical therapists are very nice. They fully explained my condition and gave me an estimate as to when I should be back on my feet. They're predicting 3-4 months, however it will be a year (or more depending on my body) until I'm fully healed. Since this is the second surgery on the same hip and two different procedures were done, my recovery will be unique. The not so good news is this has affected my balance and walking tremendously. The physical therapist saw how my foot goes sideways when I walk and is concerned. I have noticed it in recent pictures of me standing up. I prepared for any changes to my walk before surgery. I am not alarmed but concerned as well. I will never be a model or walk the runway, so it is okay. The good news is I am making progress, but need to pace myself. As the therapist said, "After all, you just had surgery a month ago."

The Melancholy Effect

The one thing I still dislike about the recovery process is what I call the melancholy effect. It's when time seems to be passing you by, and you are still. It's the lonely feelings that creep up, as well as, missing to do the things you used to do. I am an independent person. It is hard for me to ask for help at times. I like to do things on my own. Being dependent is something I have yet to get used to. I may never get used to it. The lack of camaraderie can be difficult too, because you can't go out or do much. I'm not a homebody and enjoy being outside. I rarely invite anyone to my home. There are many reasons for that, but here's a few. I don't like where I live, I have trust issues, and don't like being indoors. There are few people I wouldn't mind visiting me, but my home isn't an open house. I like to keep some things private in my life, even though I don't have anything to hide, ironic!  Lastly, I become reminiscent during these down times. To avoid becoming depressed, I get creative. I also pray, read, and work towards my goals. In this month alone, I already accomplished 4 things. That's something to smile about.

My New Found Love for Crafting

My workstation

I have been crafting lately which helps me deal with the lonely moments. It also helps me think of more things to create. I love recycled art most, because not only you help save the planet, but reuse things for other purposes. Being creative makes me happy, and allows me to express myself more just differently. I have a long road ahead in my recovery, why not do something to make it less painful. I can list what I made but pictures speak louder than words. Here are a few examples. Enjoy!

Recycled cardboard box
Add an old light, some makeup mirrors and contact paper...

And a new jewelry box is born!
Must have some bling--an old brooch and some rhinestones makes the outside look divine!

A used cell phone box decorated with contact paper and stickers
Paper towel rolls decorated with recycled magazine paper, maps, and more
Put them together to create storage for pens, pencils, etc. 
Who says oatmeal has to be boring?
Re-create its container for storage--decorate using an old subway map

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 and Happy 3rd Birthday

New Year 2014
It’s day 7 of New Year 2014 and it is off to a good start! It’s been three weeks since surgery, and tomorrow I begin physical therapy. Despite our recent snowstorm and bitterly cold temps, I look forward to going out. As for recovery, I am still on crutches, but able to maneuver with them better than I did two weeks ago. Some days are better than other days. I was sick this past weekend and almost passed out. Luckily, I didn’t and realized my body needed more rest. There have been some housing issues, which caused a great deal of stress and aggravation. It hasn’t been easy, and I have not rested well. Despite this circumstance, I’m staying positive and believe things will get better soon. I am praying on it.

Otherwise, I am still making things with recycled items. I made what I’m calling a bubble bee vase out of an old plastic bottle. I painted another one that is storing the bottle tops I collected. I revised a box-bag by adding my own decorating touches to it. That now holds more art supplies such as contact paper, ribbons, and more. I enjoy making things it makes me happy. As I posted on Facebook, “When I craft (or do anything creatively), I forget about the world around me. It's like I'm in my own little bubble, and nothing else matters except for the newness being created by my hands. I smile.I love paint, glue, and glitter the most. The things you can make with them are endless!

Happy Birthday Creative Corner (December 2010-December 2013)

It is my honor to still be writing on this blog, and sharing my thoughts with the world after its start in 2010. This has been a good three years, and I appreciate everyone who has read, shared, liked, disliked, commented, Tweeted, Googled, Facebooked, you name it, I appreciate you all. I humbly thank you for embracing this blog, and making it apart of your reading pleasure.

Here’s to continuing this journey through reflection, discovery, and creativeness.  

One final note, I am still working on my book. The goal is to complete it by the end of this year, maybe sooner. I will keep you updated.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.