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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The bumpiness continues

5th Ave &34th Street, BK
34th St next to Greenwood Cemetery, BK
One day riding the B63 bus to work, I noticed it was rocking back and forth, going up and down along 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. For a moment, I thought I was on one of those rollercoasters at Six Flags, or in a bumper car at Corny Island! I looked out the window and noticed some badly broken up pavement and potholes. I knew I had to return to the scene to snap pictures.
And so I did.

Wednesday 5-11-11: I took the R train to 36th Street in Brooklyn, and  walked up to 34th Street. Along the gated Greenwood Cemetery, I noticed lots and lots of broken pavement. It was so bad, there were pieces of rock everywhere. To a rock collector, like myself, this would've been a great opportunity to pick some samples. I was tempted at first, but I was there on business, so I grabbed my camera and snapped away.

36th St &5th Ave, BK
35th St &5th Ave, BK
As I walked towards 5th Ave, more broken pavement and pothole after pothole. This stretched from 34th to 39th Streets. Ironically, the MTA bus depot is along this stretch of bumpy mess. Hmm.

I had to step onto the street to get some closeup shots. It was dangerous, especially when there was on-coming traffic. I was careful. What is going on with our streets? Why isn't this being looked into? I'm on the case.

37th St &5th Ave, BK


  1. Your pictures are wonderful. It is awesome that you find beauty in the used and broken trails we travel. Kathy

  2. I believe there is beauty everywhere, despite how it may be an inconvenience to some of us! (smile) Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your feedback. ((hugs))

  3. Wow....unbelievable! our streets should not be in this condition. Look out DOT, Dara is on the trail and you just never know where her camera will snap next. Look out! :)