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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Run away dream

I sat on a bed near a window, feeling the cool breeze enter the room. I was swinging my feet, stretching my neck when I heard a whisper. As I looked over my shoulder, I heard another whisper. I didn’t see who it was but heard him say, “Meet me outside.” I didn’t think much of it at first, but my curiosity was heightened. Wearing a blue nightgown, black tights, and slippers, I walked into the hallway. I walked until I got to a corner where an exit door stood. I heard a sound and looked back. As I did, a man peeked from behind the door and said, “Come with me” pulling my arm. I left with him. Never really looking at his face, I trusted his request and found myself walking up a flight of stairs. Laughter came from the second floor. Two security officers were walking by saying, “No one is supposed to be in these halls.” The mysterious man and I leaned against the wall until they walked by. “I wanna show you something” says the man. “What’s that?” I replied. “You’ll have to climb four flights of stairs…quickly. Are you up to it?” Before I could reply, the man held my hand saying, “Do you trust me? Come on.” With a quick, “Well…” we began running up the stairs. We got to the roof of the building, opened the door, and walked to the center of the roof. “Isn’t this incredible?” the man says smiling at me. “Wow, this is beautiful! Look at those mountains and specks of light!” I was mesmerized. I leaned on his shoulder and felt the stubble from his five o’clock shadow. He held me in his arms and said, “See Dara, this is what you’ve been waiting for. This is what I wanted to show you.” I smiled and whispered, “I am happy.”

I had trust, was guided, and ran away not caring how I looked or what I was leaving behind. I finally found my happiness. This is my dream.

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  1. romantic. :)
    Now, I think you better add fictional writing to your growing list of "to do / wanna be" careers. Oh, love the picture. :)