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Friday, August 1, 2014

For the Love of Recycling-Upcycling

“Hey what’s that noise you’re making?”
“Nothing mom, just here looking”
She doesn’t know that bag of used gems
Can be used to display my many poems
Old paper, glitter-glue, and colorful paints
My creative masterpiece awaits!

Oh the joy that consumes me
Knowing I can get cardboard for free
Collecting many pieces from a local store
Brother can’t hide packages from me anymore
Keeping every cap and bottle after use
Family no longer wants to buy juice

Always asked, “You’re going to keep that crap?”
With glee I say, “Yes, now give me that scrap!”
Cut and paste together old pieces of fabric
Making bracelets out of recycled plastic
Wait! Don’t throw away that magazine today
When I can create a beaded necklace by Friday

Those soup cans were mine from the start
Going to be my next pieces of decorative art
Not ashamed to admit I collect toilet tissue rolls
They help make some pretty flower bowls
It’s all for my love of creativity, art, and recycling
Now leave that garbage bag and let me do my thing!

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