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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy 30th On Earth

April 22, 2011

I made 30 years on this beautiful Earth. April 22nd is also Earth Day so I celebrate both my birth and the Earth. How cool is that! I am grateful I had the chance to live 30 years, experience different things, meet a variety of people, and accomplish some of my goals. I learned a lot along this path called life and look forward to more discoveries, new experiences, and a new me. This 30th year, I want to appreciate myself more, focusing on my life's goals and accomplishing them. I believe, more now than before, that THIS is the time for me to take off my training wheels and ride steadfast on a new trail. I appreciate my family, real friends, and even my enemies, because without their negative forces, I wouldn't be motivated to do what I want...fully. Their dislike, back-stabbing, even disrespect makes me stronger. It gives me more confidence and purpose to pursue my dreams. Although I don't encourage or like people who hurt others, I welcome the haters. Each time someone says I can't, I work harder towards my dreams.

I feel blessed I had an opportunity to celebrate my birthday with my students. They are simply wonderful and so glad to be their teacher again. Their willingness to learn English, hard work, dedication, respect, and friendship is more than I can ask for. I'm honored to be their teacher. No matter what happens in the future, I will always be "Teacher Dara."

It feels good to be 30 and I can finally say I am proud to be me. 

   My trail begins now.

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  1. Like that, love you and the cake looks yummy! Love, Mommy :)