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Sunday, April 17, 2011

visions of a little girl

a little girl
imagines a world
full of rainbows and glee
but is forced to see
hurt and despair
that doesn't compare
to the place she envisioned
where people admire
the beauty of love and desire
without being cautious
she quickly notices
with arms open wide
she is pushed aside
and left alone
only to moan
that her vision of a world
made of rainbows and glee
is not what she imagined
it to be


  1. Oh....this is so you. :) Love it!

  2. Dara my dear -- the world may well be made of rainbows and candy coatings -- but that's just the Matrix.

    Remember: our worth is NOT defined by what the worldly standards are. Rather, it's determined by how well we come to terms with what we have within ourselves -- and how we make the most of it.

    Hope it helps. :>