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Sunday, July 10, 2011

New beginnings

A new beginning: June 29, 2011

 After being laid off, I've decided it was time to make some changes. Most people are used to my colorful jewelry wearing, afro-puff stylin, smiley face which is something I am very proud of. Not much of that has changed except for my hair. When I went to the salon, my stylist asked what kind of style I wanted. My exact words were: "Do whatever you want. Color it and cut it off." I'm sure she was surprised by my answer, but I had a motive. Growing up my hair was an important trait; I felt it defined me. The longer it was, the better, and I wanted to be part of the long-hair click. I permed, weaved, braided, curled, you name it I've done it. Because of this, my hair was left damaged, uneven, and very fine. I knew I had to do something to change that. Also, cutting my hair was a way of letting go of all the negativity from the past. Losing my job (for a second time) was the last thing I've lost since breaking up with my boyfriend last year. I've grown tired of "losing" and wanted to start anew.  This was the first step. I am truly pleased with this transformation. I must thank my stylist, Shante and Evolution Hair Salon in Brooklyn for making me beautiful again.

A new day has come

I love the sun! It shines brightly and doesn't limit itself to how far or how wide it goes. I truly believe the sun is my guide, and it's shining its light on me. Thank you. I am shining my light onto my path, and not limiting myself to new opportunities or adventures. For the first time, I'm throwing myself into the unknown, giving my faith to God, and letting Him make all the decisions. I am no longer afraid of what others think of me, or how I'm perceived physically, emotionally, or otherwise. I've finally accepted me for me, loving my present and near future. A new day has come.

 What's my story?

Reflecting through travel

Taking new directions

Treading new waters (although scary at times)


Being true to self: a colorful, smiley faced, rock collector, geologist-at-heart

I'm not done yet.


  1. Rock on............with your bad self!!!!!!!!
    love the hair and the new attitude. :)