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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The door isn't closed yet

June 27-28, 2010: The graduation

This is my level 4 (high intermediate) ESL class. I presented them with certificates, and gifts which included dictionaries and 2011-12 datebooks. I am so proud of them and their accomplishments. They all passed well, and speak English better now than before. I've learned more from them than they've learned from me, and  happy I shared this journey with them.We graduated.


I've been an ESL teacher for six years. I started my teaching career in the AmeriCorps (2005-2007) and worked for the Chinese-American Planning Council for four years. I learned, taught, and ate a lot. Yes, I love eating Chinese food, and have eaten plenty! My students taught me the importance of being true to self, and that it's okay to make mistakes. They've helped me become a better teacher, a better person. This journey has had its challenges, and at times I didn't feel confident in myself or my teaching style. However, I'm not a quitter and my students helped me to keep going. If I could see each person I've taught again, I would simply say "Thank you for making me the woman I am today."  
 With that said...
I've climbed many stairs...

Walked through many hallways...                                                          
 But one thing that hasn't happened...

  Is the closing of my classroom door

I'm not done yet.


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  2. Thank you for reading my blog! Much appreciated :)

  3. Your creativity really shines in the picture composition that highlights this touching essay. It is amazing all that our students teach us through the years. How lucky we are.

  4. Bravo........!!
    The words and pictures speak volumes. I just loved the analogy. This is just your beginning. :)