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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wacky weather (no offense Mother Nature)

LIC, Queens NY

Tuesday, August 23, 2011: NYC felt the effects an earthquake that hit Virginia. It was felt in DC, Boston, and North Carolina. I only felt a small tremble, but didn't think much of it until fire alarms went off during my work orientation. An announcement was made that NYC experienced a brief tremble from an earthquake.

E124 St, Harlem NY
 Wednesday, August 24, 2011: Heavy downpours hits NYC.  

 Saturday, August 27-Sunday, August 28, 2011: Hurricane Irene
Bed-Stuy, BK

Heavy rain, wind, and 24-hour news coverage all convinced people living in NYC that a hurricane is in effect. Irene made her presence known in the tri-state area including Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and majority of the east coast. Threat of coastal flooding, falling trees, and homes being destroyed, all resulted in emergency evacuations and public transportation to shut down. Areas such as Rockaway Beach, Queens, Coney Island, Brooklyn, and Battery Park, Manhattan (just to name a few) were in zone A, areas near the water. People living in those areas had to evacuate to avoid dangerous flooding. Shelters were provided for displaced families, including pets. Some people didn't evacuate and decided to wait out the storm. Luckily, in my area of Brooklyn, we only experienced some fallen trees and light debris.

I made a video of the aftermath of the hurricane in my neighborhood of Brooklyn. I call it "Let's take a walk Irene"


  1. Very nice pictorial documentary of the past few days events.

  2. You should seriously think about a job as a News reporter. :) It fits you well.