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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Seagull and Me

An afternoon at two
Hearing the gravel under my shoe
Manhattan Bridge at arm’s reach
Remember the place I used to teach
Waves crash against the rocks
Like a child, too big for my socks

Approach the boardwalk to the spot
Sun light makes the railing hot
This doesn’t seem to bother the seagull
Now sitting near me, I’m careful
Try not to make any sudden gestures
Wind ruffles his white feathers
Taking out my camera for a picture
Seagull is ready for his capture
Watch other seagulls fly around
Listening to their squeaking sound
Their wings stretch far apart
Freedom through air touches my heart
Weaving through clouds what a sight!
At times I envy their flight
Continue to admire and daydream
Seagull remains perched on the beam

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