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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Transit public hearing, journalistic feeling

Walk into the building proudly
Able to pass through security
Find a seat, recorder in hand
Watch speakers take their stand

Transit public hearing
A journalistic feeling

Proposals set, some are glad
Begin writing on notepad
New bus, new improvements
Communities make their judgments

Everyone takes a turn to speak
Board reps listen to critique
Lady whispers to her neighbor
 Man in front takes a picture

Annoyed resident yells “Huh!”
News reporter captures all on camera
Another speaker reads letter, offers insight
A man looks at my scribble handwrite

Questions, comments, and mixed emotions
Many worry this will cost them millions
Hearing now goes into recess
Written materials available for public access

Stop the recorder, pack my bag
Go through the crowd in a zigzag
Talk to transit rep, make a suggestion
Current situation calls for action

While leaving, reps say good night
Can’t wait to go home and write
Enjoy attending transit public hearing
Feel like a reporter in training

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