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Monday, October 21, 2013

Everything Will Be Okay

I’ve been telling myself that everything will be okay for the past few days. I haven’t been feeling my best, and had to make some tough decisions. As a believer, I learned that sometimes God would put one in a difficult situation just to see how he or she deals with it. It’s as with every storm, it eventually passes. I think mine is starting to pass. I always write, “The sun is always near” for a reason. I do believe the sun is always around. It’s October, it’s the fall season, and the temperatures have been lovely. The sun is out and I smile.

New chapter
I decided not to attend graduate school. This was a difficult decision. I still want a Master’s degree, I still love social work, and I still want to help people. However, financially I cannot afford it. Health wise, I am not sure what the near future will look like for me. I am not ready to tackle such a huge responsibility. I love to learn, and will continue to do so on my own time. Recently, I discovered that with my 3 degrees, along with certifications, I could do what I want. Helping people is universal so I have no doubt I will be doing this for the rest of my life.  Career wise, I have many options I didn’t know I had. I will teach again. I am confident in knowing this, because of something I started years ago. Sometimes going back to old to do lists makes a difference. I have the tools to make my dream a reality. As for social work, I know I cannot claim the title “social worker,” without a degree in it. However, I have a degree in human services, another in liberal arts, and English. I’m going to be fine. Lastly, I am a volunteer with several organizations. I love to volunteer, and will continue to do more for the community.

The power of prayer is real.

I will see my hip doctor at the end of this month. I already know what to expect. I am ready for whatever, because I have so much to look forward to and accomplish. I don’t want anything to slow me down. Employment search is an on-going process. I know I am not alone in this prospect. I am confident I will be working again, especially when I’m physically better. Writing is also an on-going process. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing. When I am not writing on here, I’m working on my book. I write in my journal as well. Maybe I’ll add some things from there in the book, never know!

I am grateful to the people in my life that makes my days even brighter. I am grateful to the readers of this blog, because without you there would be no Dara’s Creative Corner. I promise to continue to aspire, inspire, and make a difference in this world one day at a time. There are no limits to what you want to do. Life is truly, what you make of it. I see that now and look forward to what’s to come!

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