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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Day before Surgery (Part II) and the Want List

Here we go again. The nerves are elevated, emotionally I can cry on a whim, and mentally feel tired. With that said, tomorrow is my hip arthroscopy surgery.  I will be at Lenox Hill hospital. I don't have to be admitted, and get to go home after the procedure. I have my crutches ready. I can’t help but feel silly that I am this scared. I just had this surgery last year. I think I’m more nervous about the anesthesia. Going under is always a concern. Some people don’t wake up. I pray I do. However, if I didn’t I am satisfied knowing I lived a good life. I know God will be with me regardless so I shouldn’t have any fear. Of course, I prefer to wake up since there are still so many things I want to do. I want to see New Year 2014, and have set projects aside to keep me occupied. There are still people to meet. I haven’t met my love yet (I know he’s out there). I guess I’m not ready to die after all. It’s all in God’s hands. I will continue to remain positive.

I usually don’t write a Christmas list since I am an adult. I usually write a list of goals I hope to accomplish for the New Year. I’m going to do something different and write a list of wants. I don’t mind sharing. I must warn you some things on this list may seem childish, but it’s what I want so here goes:

To feel happier and be healthier
See more of the sun
Be employed
To teach ESL again
Finish and publish my book
To have my own address
Take more pictures
Learn calligraphy
Walk on the beach
Discover new places (example: neighborhoods)
Have a bigger teddy bear (no offense “Snow cone” lol)
Continue to craft and bring nature to my room
Collect more rocks, seashells, coffee cans, and Metrocards
Buy more glitter
A new laptop
Build on current friendships
Meet new people/network
Join clubs
Date/have a boyfriend
Attend graduate school
A new hairstyle
New clothes
Have a pet (a dog or a bunny)
Learn how to drive
Study/work/go abroad
Make people laugh and smile
Love more people/love self more

New Year 2014, I will wait for your arrival. Here's to getting better first.

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