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Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's quiet outside, darkness has filled the night sky. Heading home has become a journey with the revisiting of an old acquaintance. I do not welcome it. As I crossed the street, I heard another set of footsteps. I didn't think much of it until I heard those footsteps getting closer. I looked back and there were two men walking. They slowed down as I tried to walk faster, but I quickly realized I could not. I relied on God to make my feet go faster even though I was going slower. The footsteps seemed to pick up pace until suddenly I heard nothing. I continued to walk until the light of my building appeared. The footsteps stopped. I stopped. I looked back and didn't see them. I rang the doorbell and heard a quiet laughter. I looked up, and the two men slowly walked from the vacant lot next to my building. The door buzzed open and I hobbled inside. The men watched me go inside, and began laughing as they walked by. I felt they were teasing me with an unknown motive, maybe to catch me off guard. I felt helpless knowing that I couldn't out run them; I could barely walk fast enough! I feel frustrated. My pride feels crippled. I do not like this old acquaintance.


  1. How scary. How sad that we are forced into the depth of our fear by just walking down the street. How sad that others find this type of activity entertaining.I felt your concerns as I read your words.

  2. Oh boy, that was very scary. I hate the fact that some people get a kick out of scaring people who have a disability. Unbelieveable.
    The picture, how appropriate.