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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A lesson in cyber love

Author's note: Sometimes we lose ourselves over people who appeal to us online. We must be mindful not to lose our sense of self, and striving for attention isn't always a good thing.

Texts, tweets, comments on Facebook
In reality you won’t get a second look
Compete to be the first in clicking “Like”
Feeling special your friend’s name is “Mike”
Keep up with chats, join email listserv
You are not the focus, what nerve!
Get angry when not being noticed
No longer living life to the fullest
A cyber guy you may never meet
Why does he make your heart skip a beat?

Mike is observant and charming
Losing self to his spell is alarming
Women cyber fight to get the last word
Resort to ass kissing is absurd
Befriend others just to get close
Your efforts are silent echoes
Continue with this endless cycle
Striving for his attention to you is blissful

One day you go to meet Mike
At an event you hope to like
Surrounded by amateur paparazzi
From jealous fans acting wishy-washy
Excited by the anticipation
You try to begin conversation
Catty women whisper, their smiles are fake
Unaware this is a mistake
He arrives, you smile by his nonchalant greet
Being in his presence makes you feel elite
Cameras flash, you make a mad dash
Being in every picture will lead to backlash
Mike sees his friends, ignores you and leave
No goodbye, heart breaks on your sleeve

Next day texts, tweets and comments
Pictures are posted, petty arguments
Accused of being sneaky and mean
Hoping Mike will defend and intervene
No response, feelings are hurt
Still made to feel like dirt
Cyber guy is silent and moves ahead
Still sad, you continue the pattern instead
For the sake of attention, you’re willing to get burned
A lesson that has yet to be learned

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