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Monday, March 18, 2013

Poetic vent

Bang bang thump thump
Wall swollen with water bump
Ceiling caves in, pipes burst
Leakage in this place wouldn’t be a first
Lack of communication from powers that be
None have the pleasure to witness what I see
Constant complaining, little is done
Living with ignorance isn’t fun
Lack of sleep, unable to concentrate
This cannot be my fate
Overwhelmed with stress, want to yell
Loved one isn’t feeling so well
Put on brave face, be the advocate
Results of test, now we wait
Smile with fear in my eyes
Hold back tears, asking whys
Difficult to land employment
Volunteerism keeps my skills current
Coping with this bad job market
At times makes me feel inadequate
So much more I can say
Praying for strength everyday
Venting may not solve the problem
At least I feel better writing this poem

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