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Monday, March 25, 2013

March friendships and reflection


It's the end of March and the weather is still cold and even snowing in some areas. I wish Spring would feel like Spring already. I'm particularly glad this month is ending, because next month is April a-k-a my birthday month. I've been sharing with some friends that I'm challenging myself to do something that makes me happy each day of the month. It may seem easy, but with my personality it can be a challenge. I am so used to doing things to make others happy that I usually put myself second place. However, I am going to be a little selfish this time around. I don't have to be alone in the celebrating. I will invite people out to join me in whatever I do. It can be something simple as having a cup of coffee. The goal is to celebrate me and to love myself a little more than I did the month before.

Friendship and recognition

I've been spending time with ladies that make me smile. They are not only kind, but I feel comfortable sharing personal things with them.  The nice part of this is we are all different ages and nationalities. My spending time with them varies, because some are online chats and some are in person. What I respect most is their support and understanding of things that aren't easy for me to express. One friend in particular was surprised that I traveled a long distance just to see her. I told my friend, "A friend is there for you no matter what. I am your friend and no matter how far you are, I will be there." By her look, I could tell she was becoming teary eyed. I meant every word. I don't mind traveling to see someone I care about. I enjoy laughter, more now than ever. I always enjoy seeing friends who can joke around but can have serious discussions as well. I also like spending hours in a cafe or salad bar drinking tea, and talking about things with someone I can relate to. When the day is over and I receive a message from a friend who lives outside of NYC, I smile knowing we can share how our days went.  I can always count on her to offer advice to something I’m struggling with, or a simple “thinking of you” comment mean so much. I’m appreciative of these friendships. I’ve let down my wall and giving people a chance to get to know me better. I don’t want to isolate myself anymore.

Saturday 3/23/13: I attended the American Red Cross in Greater New York volunteer recognition event. It was held at the elegant Battery Gardens restaurant in lower Manhattan. I was in awe by its beauty and elegance. The servers were dressed in tuxedos, the food was nicely prepared, and the d├ęcor was beautiful. I felt like I was at prom all over again! I kept saying “How lovely is this?!” to anyone who made eye contact with me. I love receptions, especially fancy ones. I love dressing up and know I’m being honored for something I’m passionate about. Although there were many volunteers who served with the Red Cross for years, their stories were unique and inspiring. When I told them I started in January, they told me to “get the most out of this experience.” I was impressed by the amount of work volunteers do to make a difference. I’m so proud to be part of this initiative. One volunteer entertained us with singing opera. His voice is amazing! Even when he closed us out with Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” I got chills! Later that afternoon, a lady approached me asking where the nearest Brooks Brothers store was. When I told her I didn’t know, she said, “Oh because I see you with their bag.” I explained that it was a goody bag given to us at the Red Cross reception. She smiled and said, “Well you wear it well!” I giggled, “I try I try.” Brooks Brothers store and other organizations donated items for us. Some of those items were first aid kits, key chains, a laundry bag, and a Brook Brothers’ sample cologne for men. The best gift was a Red Cross lapel pin. I’ve been wanting one of those since I started volunteering with them! Yay!

Hellos and blowing kisses?

Coming home from seeing my friend on Friday, a guy in a van pulled alongside the bus I was on and began waving and blowing kisses at me. At first, I wasn’t sure if he was doing that to me. When I pointed to myself, he shook his head yes and proceeded to blow kisses at me. He waved goodbye as the light turned green. I blushed. He was nice looking too. On Saturday, a driver from a tour bus smiled and waved at me as he sat in traffic. In both incidents I waved back. I blushed again. All I could think to myself was, either Spring fever is in effect or I’m receiving attention I usually don’t get. I’m humbled and feel special. Someone asked me, “So Dara does this mean you’re ready to date again?” With a smile I calmly said, “I believe I am.” I haven’t dated anyone in almost three years after my last breakup. I think it’s time to explore what cupid has in stored for me. Stay tuned.


  1. Looking forward to reading about your spring adventures. Your social work friend on Long Island.

  2. The swing, your smile, the Thank You, the lovely picture of you at the table in Battery Gardens restaurant are just the start of what's to come. :) Get ready!!!