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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Can I, Should I, and Reflection

It's that time again where I ask myself those infamous questions, can I, should I? This has been a roller coaster time for me. Being out of work is not only frustrating, but also self-doubting. I've had my share of self-doubt. I wonder if I'll ever reach my goals. At times, I feel the world is passing me by and I'm standing still. I really don't like that. Being out of work can make one reminisce about how things were when employed. Oh how I wish I didn't do that. Thinking about teaching makes me happy but it also makes me sad. I miss being in the classroom. I miss being an employed teacher. Since I am stubborn and not one to give up, I have been doing everything, and I mean everything to stay busy and not fall victim to self-pity. These activities have been helpful but those two questions do creep up from time to time. I just hope I can answer them finally.

Can I?

Can I become a working journalist? It's possible and I know I have a chance at becoming one. Journalism is a field I've admired for years. I grew up in a household where news was part of our family.  My dad would have my brother and I listen to the news, and we'd discuss it once it was over. My dad is definitely a news junkie! His encouragement of me pursuing news, specifically TV news, has been inspiring. At the time, I wanted to be a geologist and climb mountains for a living. My rock collection speaks for itself! As of late, I've been exploring this fascinating career. I read about it, I stay up to date with current events, and I write. This month makes two years I've been with I'm proud of that, because I didn't think I would've stayed this long. Although I barely make anything for the writing I do (two cents to me doesn't count as salary, but am humbled to have my work published), I still enjoy the adventure. The business cards are cool too! The can I be a journalist question still lingers when I apply for positions that are looking for experienced freelancers, writers, journalists, etc. For now, I continue to write and make two cents by writing about my two cents on issues that are important.

Some good news, I got a press pass. Yay! Recently, I was accepted as a copy-editor intern for a media publication. I am humbled by this opportunity. Look out, journalist Dara is on the move!

Should I?

Should I go to grad school? Maybe this isn't a fair question. After all, I'm already enrolled and have a January 2014 start date. I am pursuing a degree in social work; I would like to be a social worker. This question comes up when I think of the financial responsibility that comes with it. I never had a problem paying for school. Without a job, it would be difficult to pay for school. I don't want to be a burden to my parents. Loans are always an option. Scholarships are an option too. I wonder if this is the right direction for me at this time. It's a hard decision to make since I really want my Master's degree, and I want a career in social work. I have less than six months to decide what I should do. We'll see.


I was recently accepted into the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) CERT training program. It's five-week training where I'll learn about emergency preparedness, CPR, and how to help people in a disaster. I start tomorrow. I am excited because I like assisting in disaster relief and hope to do more projects. I enjoy casework and hope to be a caseworker in disaster related services. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I still volunteer with the American Red Cross and NY Cares. I will return to them very soon. 


I don't know where my direction is going, but I'm keeping an open mind. Reflecting by the waterfront always helps alleviate any worries or concerns I may have.  I believe that everything I want to do will fall into place. I leave it in God's hands. Lastly, I decided to write a book. I know I know the list keeps getting longer and longer! Honestly, I've wanted to write a book for some time. While on the job hunt, writing a book along with training, interning, and volunteering (phew!) will keep me busy. I don't like feeling bored.

Summer is here! I made a promise to myself that I won't be a hermit and only work. I will go out and enjoy the sun. I'd like to hangout with some friends. Time to make some phone calls, or in my case text!

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  1. Can I - Yes, go for it!! Your writing speaks for itself.
    Should I - Yes because your Doctorate degree awaits you. :)
    Volunteerism - :) what can I say, it's all good.
    Writing a book, wonderful :) but it's summer time. Go out, have fun, laugh a lot and enjoy the season. :)