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Monday, June 3, 2013


Sometimes I wake up feeling calm
In prayer, reciting the 23rd psalm
Grateful to see another day
Confident that everything will be okay

Sometimes I start the day wondering what will be
A direction not yet known to me
Drink coffee, listen to the world on radio
Watch life interact outside my window

Sometimes I’m in the mood to talk
Saying hello to people while taking a walk
Feeling the wind beneath my feet
With each step creating its own beat
Sometimes I stay home, lay on the bed
Reflecting on the before, what was said
“You can, you can’t, you aren’t, you are …”
Still contemplating on writing that memoir

Sometimes I’m quiet, sometimes I cry
Leaving some asking me why
Pen and paper is a comforting outlet
Full disclosure of emotion without any regret

Sometimes I just wanna chill
Focus on doing things on my own freewill
Ignoring all that makes me sad
Instead write my thoughts on a notepad