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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Random Sunny Day

Just a random sunny day
Looking out at the water’s bay
Hear trains go by on the bridge
Squeaking sound makes the body cringe

Tourists gather around taking pictures
Pointing to each landmark asking questions
A married couple stands with their photographer
Hoping this will be their happily ever after

Boats of every size and type pass by
Man walks on cell phone saying hi
Across the water, a city busy as usual
Wonder where you are in that bubble

A song plays as you enter the mind
Wishing the world treats you kind
Imagine your everyday hustle and bustle
The daily routine, uncompromising cycle

Curious how you maintain that stoic stance
When every day presents a new circumstance
Worry when quiet, sad when not around
Reflect in silence, tears hit the ground

Love smiles, love hurts in the distance
Aware of this realistic imbalance
Friendship holds dear to the heart
Never wanting it to fall apart

Continue to stand by the water’s bay
On this random sunny day
Still think of you and pray
Always hoping that you are okay

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