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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shredding the Before to Meet the After

It is good to do some reorganizing and cleaning
Remembering the moments, revisit that feeling
The long hours spent to earn each piece of paper
Uncontainable nervousness when arriving in Denver
Three weeks of stares and uncontrollable tears
Arriving back to New York with all new fears

Court reporter job leads to a Queens school
Advised to drop out, left feeling like a fool
Miserable at new Brooklyn college but determined
Graduating forgetting about what had happened

Years of regret, redeeming self from the before
Finding new interests in a college brochure
Proudly serving as an AmeriCorps member
Moving on to part-time ESL teacher
A bachelor’s meant full-time for me
Returned to school for a second degree

Found newsletters with pictures of a smile
My smile, each experience was worthwhile
Shredding old bills came across an old pay-stub
Remembering the co-worker meets at local pub
Old letters of recommendation from previous bosses
Certifications later, still advocate for several causes

Filing away the past into several folders
They are the quiet storytellers
Preparing for the next chapter
Making room for the now and after

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