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Friday, September 6, 2013

A Walk to the Seaport: How it will be missed

I went for a walk with my mom. I enjoy spending time with her, because we get to share ideas and have fun. We always have fun even in doing the simplest of things like having coffee (or chai latte) at Starbucks. I can talk to my mom about anything, which is great since she is the only person I truly trust. I appreciate her more than she knows. We took a walk to the South Street Seaport. I’m glad we did since we learned that it would close this Monday. Plans for redevelopment will be underway and it won’t be open until 2015. A nice man spoke to us as we passed by his jewelry and wallet table. He is from Turkey and his personality made me smile. He said it’s hard to meet nice people in New York City. “Everybody so rude, hard to be nice,” he said. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve lived here all my life and it’s not as nice as it appears to be. I don’t feel comfortable here anymore. I’m used to manners and pleasantry. Most people I meet think I’m from the south, because of my mannerisms. My family is from the south so it makes sense.

We visited the candy store, which was practically empty. The woman there was super nice. I could feel her energy the moment we entered the store. She is an artist and played her album for us. Her voice is beautiful. The music reminded me of my favorite jazz group, The Manhattan Transfer. One song really hit home, because it talked about believing and finding happiness. She sang along and my tears flowed. That hasn’t happened to me before so I was surprised. I explained to her how difficult times have been for me lately, and seeing my favorite place closing makes me sad. She said that what we say in the universe would come to fruition. If one believes and speaks what they want, it will come true. I told her I needed to hear that and thanked her. We got some candy, which she offered to us free. Although we offered to pay for it, she insisted we keep it. I gave her my card. I look forward to us keeping in touch.  

Seeing so many stores still closed since Hurricane Sandy is disheartening. However, knowing the Seaport will close completely makes me feel worse. This is one of my favorite places to visit, especially when I need to reflect. Before going to the waterfront in Brooklyn, the South Street Seaport was my favorite destination. Although it will reopen in 2015, it won’t be the same. I love the vendors and small shops. I’m not into high-end retail stores. I prefer simplicity. I’m happy mom and I had a chance to sit by the waterfront, took pictures, and admired the landscape. Seaport as we know it will be missed, especially by me.

Here’s my video report about the Seaport closing:

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  1. It was a very enjoyable day, nice weather and good company :) The Seaport will be missed but I will always cherish our last day spent there together.
    Mom :)