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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dara Takes The Bus: my adventure begins

April is off to a great start. As promised, I am celebrating me for the month, and doing all things that make me smile. I have been smiling, mainly because I accomplished a major goal. I took the bus and it felt great.

Saturday, April 5, 2014
The bus ride

I missed the infamous B38 bus, the same bus I’ve written articles about, and spoke at transit hearings regarding its service. There is something nostalgic in revisiting something you haven’t been to in a while. That was the feeling when I walked outside Saturday afternoon and was greeted by the sunlight. As I walked up the block to the B38 bus hub, it didn’t take long for a bus to pull up. Thankfully, I had my Metrocard in hand. Getting on the bus wasn’t difficult as I anticipated. I found a seat and that was it. I was riding on the bus. I couldn’t help but smile.

I would like to thank the Academy...
I went to a flea market. It was the first day to their season. It was crowded, many vendors selling both vintage and modern day items, as well as food. It was windy and my hair kept flying up. I didn’t mind. I felt pretty with my colorful outfit and makeup. I love wearing eye shadow, I always feel pretty wearing it. Yep, I’m back to my old self again. 

I enjoy going to flea markets, because I am a collector and I can get crafting ideas. I love collecting many things, most notably rocks and minerals. However, I love collecting metal objects, buttons, keys, and more. The more unique it is, the more I love it. I met some nice merchants who not only made me smile, but shared their experience being a merchant. I also enjoyed their positive energy. I admired what they were selling, from vintage clothes, skeleton keys, vinyl records, and my favorite, vintage milk and soda crates. The man selling them offered to drive them to my home upon sale. That’s good to know and I will be back. The same man had a replica of an Oscar award. So you know I had to take a picture.

I took the bus back home where I was standing for some time. I was concerned with the jerking motion of the bus, but I was fine. A lady allowed me to sit down which I appreciate. Being at the flea market confirmed my thought that there are hidden treasures everywhere. One never knows what he or she will find. That excites me, and I look forward to discovering more.

On Sunday, I relaxed and spent time with the family. Monday I received my new bed. I am happy but more humbled by that, because for years I’ve been sleeping on an old bed. I was literally sinking. How I survived sleeping on it with two surgeries is beyond me. It’s the little things we take for granted. Sleeping on a comfortable bed is priceless. I thank my Dad for this great gift. Now my hip and I can rest easy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Physical Therapy Update: health pros and woes

Pros: I went to physical therapy, and was told I am progressing well. I still need to work on my balance and walk. Otherwise I am doing well. Climbing upstairs is still a challenge, and that will take time. It felt good to tell my physical therapist I took the bus. She was happy for me. I have two therapists. Depending on the day, either one will work with me. After the stretching exercises, I did my own stretches looking at myself in the mirror. “Have I lost weight?” I said to myself. I know my family said I did, but I laughed it off. In looking at myself, I think they are right. My favorite, “Love the Hustle,” t-shirt is looking less snagged on me. Hmm…if I did lose weight, I am glad. I haven’t been eating much lately. I have little appetite and no desire for any specific food. I do PT at home almost every day along with basic stretches. l like the exercises at physical therapy, but riding the bike is my favorite. I always go into a daydream while riding. I tend to think of the waterfront which motivates me to work harder so I can go there. I miss it. Also, I want to take the subway. Baby steps, baby steps.

Woes: Recently, I went to my family doctor for pain I’ve been having in another part of the body. It’s personal so I won’t go into details. During examination, my doctor said she saw something. “This concerns me,” she said, as I tried not to get nervous. I am going to a specialist next month (unfortunately that’s the earliest appointment I could get). I have some tests to take. The pain continues and makes me feel uncomfortable. Ironically, I’ve had this problem dating back in 2010, and doctors couldn’t find anything at the time. I took some medicine and that was it. It left, came back, left again, and now it’s here. I don’t like this, but remaining positive. I don’t want this to upset me too much, because it will interfere with my happiness. I remain in prayer.

Reflection: After physical therapy, I bought a Metrocard and found some extra ones laying around. I collect them in general. They make cool crafting projects. I took a walk through Borough Hall, downtown Brooklyn and admired the sunset. I like the area. Earlier, I received some good news via email. I will share once everything is finalized, but the possibility is not only likely but exciting. I thank God for the blessings. Despite the ups and downs of recovery, the lonely times, and sometimes painful moments (physically), I am still here. I am still trying. My dream lives on, and I will keep working at it one step/bus ride at a time.

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  1. I agree. Despite all the pain you’ve felt, the month of April was still the best month for you. Being able to do all the things you loved certainly is not a bad thing. How are you now, btw? I hope you’re recovering well. But if not, just continue your treatment with your physical therapist, so you can get back to your normal routines soon. Take care!

    Earnestine Doescher @ U.S. Health Works