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Monday, April 14, 2014

Waterfront Visit after Surgery

Stepping outside feeling the early breeze
The sun rises on a Saturday morning
This spring season has been a real tease
Happy to experience the weather again

At the bus hub sun pierces through the glass
The rays highlight pigments of my makeup
Gray sweater dress, blue tights, a lady with class
On a self-esteem high with music in my ears

Arrive downtown of rugged ground
Farmer’s market begin to set up shop
It is nice to see so many people around
Walking through the busy Borough Hall

Take another bus to go to my favorite place
Older gentleman says hello walking by me
Courtesy always put a smile on my face
An empty bus ride adds to the smile

Walking pass street art and history
Stopping to capture every moment
Feeling excited by what I see
Balancing the cane, camera and chai latte

Scent of the water draw me closer
Four months away from the flowing current
I am the reflective daydreamer
Finding self through every visit

Kids, a carrousel, and giant eggs on display
I sit idly watching the busy activity
Thanking the universe to see this day
The baby steps it took just to get here

Eventually standing at my favorite spot
Breathing in the air coming off the waves
The metal railing is not that hot
Lean forward as I begin to reflect

Thinking about the recovery process
Tiring and painful experiences
Appreciate it all and the success
Two surgeries down and I’m still here

Everyone is in their own bubble
Take comfort being in mine
Each of us go through our own cycle
That determines our return or departure

Embrace the bubbles that still remain
Releasing the ones that choose to float away
The friendships that continue to grow and sustain
May we find our way on this journey called life

Slowly walk away as the current moves
Feeling refreshed and happy
Change the playlist to another set of grooves
Smile as the sun guides my steps

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