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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Raindrop Thoughts

It's raining. I was rereading my recent posts on here and felt the need to write. This is a free-write, because I am allowing my thoughts to roam so it can be transcribed here. I become very reflective at night, sometimes melancholy. Tonight, I feel calm after taking a warm shower and wearing my favorite body spray. I am not thinking of anything in particular. Some people are crossing my mind, I hope they are doing okay. I hope everyone I love and care about is doing okay.

Tomorrow is April 30, the last day of my birthday month. It was a good month. I'm happy to be walking better than before, and that I had a chance to take the subway. I am getting there, one step at a time. I have been spending time sitting at a nearby plaza/park after physical therapy. It not only relaxes me, but I get lunch from my friends at the nearby food truck. The coffee is excellent! I like people watching, sometimes get lost doing so and end up daydreaming. I'm always listening to music when I do this. I think a lot in general, but lately I've been focusing on how to move forward in this recovery. I want to work again, I want to live somewhere else, and begin to socialize.

I feel May will be the month for transition. It's a gut feeling I have and I'm going with it. I believe life is changing around me little by little. I returned to reading inspirational books. One of the things I've been reading is the importance of adventure and discovering the treasures around. I feel blessed that I am seeing these treasures each day I go outside. I collect things from old Metrocards to bottle caps. I love taking pictures, but when I take pictures of flowers or the sun, it becomes a hobby. Sometimes walking in a different section of a park, or taking a new route home is a treasure because it's new. People watching is cool too. I see some interesting fashions, especially handbags that I would like to have someday. Being financially poor has its advantages, because it allows you to appreciate things more. It humbles you.

I have been thinking about the future of the Creative Corner. I may discontinue it. I'm just not sure when I will do that. In writing my book, I realize it's an extension to this blog with more details. When it's done, what will be next? I haven't made any decisions, it's only a thought. I love writing on here. I feel people are reading it, and I hope they are enjoying reading my thoughts and reflecting experiences. I know I have enjoyed expressing them here. We'll see what happens.

The raindrops have stopped, so I guess I'll stop here too. Here's to a good night. You're in my thoughts and thanks for reading.

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