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Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello May: Here's to the Adventure

There’s something I’ve been reading and learning lately during my travels. The importance of inspiration. Inspiration is around us all. From the hidden treasures we find or see, to the people we know and meet. We can also inspire those who are in our lives, or be inspired by those we do not know. It’s all part of this journey called life. My goal is to explore, laugh more, and inspire self and others. Welcome to May, a new month of happiness and adventure.

Thursday, May 1: “You are okay”

I went to the doctor to deal with the second health problem I’ve been having. The good news is I am okay. I have a follow-up appointment in three months, but so far everything looks normal. It was a sigh of relief. Afterwards, I went to the park and wrote a reflection piece. I took a picture of it so I can share it here. Shortly, after I wrote it, a flock of birds flew over me and gave me an unwanted gift. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer and a removable hoodie!

Friday, May 2: “She was great”

I went to my interview for the John D. Solomon Fellowship for Public Service at NYC Office of Emergency Management. I was interviewed by three different agencies all looking for a fellow to assist in their emergency preparedness projects. I was nervous at first, but having my mom walk with me to OEM made me feel calm. Not only she wanted to see where their building was, but the walk there was nice. It was a nice morning, sun shining bright, and the pink tree blossoms were beautiful. As we hugged, she wished me luck. Then she looked at me and said, “I am so proud of you. I know you’re going to win them over!” I thanked her. Before she walked away, she said, “You know, you just need to go on and get that doctorate Professor.” Professor is my nickname. I smiled, “Oh mom! I’m already going for the Masters.” She shook her head, “Yeah, and I know you’re going to get that doctorate, I already know. So I can really call you a professor.” As we waved goodbye, I smiled feeling a bit emotional. Even as an adult, I still appreciate having mom walk with me to work or somewhere important. As she insists on me pursuing a doctorate degree (which she has been saying since getting the bachelor’s degree), I feel moved. She believes in me, and has always done so no matter what I applied for or pursued. That means more to me than she may realize. I love her so much.

Having a selfie moment
I met some nice people at OEM, along with the interviewers, and applicants. There was breakfast served in their lounge giving us a chance to mingle. I spoke to everyone, and quickly realized I was the only native New Yorker applying for this fellowship. However, it was impressive meeting a firefighter, and grad students studying a variety of majors. It was also nice meeting some who were also pursuing their degrees online. The interviews felt more conversational than the traditional interview setup. I made some laugh, and spoke of my experience as a teacher and volunteer, particularly in hurricane Sandy relief. I was told I had “an outgoing personality,” and they liked my energy. I did feel happy. I liked everyone I met, and it felt great wearing a suit again. I love the corporate look! After finishing from one of the interviews, I overheard one of the interviewers tell his colleague, “She was great.” I walked out feeling on cloud nine.

I visited the park outside the OEM building taking pictures of the pretty trees, and sun. I reflected on the experience. I posted it on Facebook, “As I walked up the half curved path, I quietly prayed thanking God and my late grandmother for being with me. I smiled noticing the sun peek from behind the clouds. The breeze felt nice. I feel my path is now open for me to walk on. It's been a journey, one I'm grateful to continue.”  Whether I get accepted or not, I am appreciative I got this far. I am walking again, and I am pursuing my dream one step at a time. I’m humble by the blessing.
The weekend: Saturday, May 3

I took the train into Manhattan. This was my second train ride since surgery, but the first into the city. I was excited and happy to be taking the train again without any issues. I visited the West Village, a favorite place to visit since it is so artsy and different. I took pictures, as I always do. I believe there are hidden treasures around, sometimes it could be the most insignificant thing. One of my favorite treasures besides finding old Metrocards (I found plenty), is seeing old signs of the subway. I am fascinated by our subway system (thanks to a friend who inspired me years ago), and its history. When I see old signs, such as the one at the West 4 Street station, it makes me feel I stepped back in time. I love the art of the subway especially the old architecture. I’d love to own a piece of it, if possible. For now, I‘ll take pictures. I met a dear friend whom I always have a nice time with. It felt good just to be hanging out again. I even tried vegan cake and it was super delicious! Who knew?

Sunday, May 4: Exploring Grand Central

As a native New Yorker, there are still so many things I haven’t seen or explored. Grand Central terminal is one of them. I admire its marble architecture and now 100 year history. I encouraged my mom to come with me, and we pretended we were tourists for the day. We visited a stationary store where I got a lot of crafting ideas. Then we headed to the main concourse where the famous clock stands in the middle. We both stood looking up at the beautiful ceiling of carvings and sketches couldn’t take enough pictures! I wanted to visit Grand Central on a weekend since weekdays are very busy. I collected some maps, saw a Metro North train, and watched tourists take pictures of themselves or with family. There were people just hanging around eating, on their cell phones, or sitting on the floor. We had fun taking pictures of different parts of the terminal. I like to take funny pictures (as you can see here), and making mom laugh. Actually, anytime someone hangs out with me is guaranteed to laugh. I like to have fun.

After exploring the terminal and having yummy iced coffee at a bakery, I showed mom the MTA headquarters. I still remember when I attended their board meeting in 2012. I blogged about it here (June 2012). It was a nerve wracking yet cool experience. I hope to attend one again. Then we walked to PIX plaza where my favorite news station is, PIX 11 news. I looked to see if I saw my reporter friend and his colleagues. No one was there, but I’m glad I had a chance to see the building and imagine myself working there. That would be a dream job!

Monday, May 5: First day of class

I am officially a grad student at Concordia University. I started my class today. I feel excited and look forward to studying hard and learning a lot. My first class is MHS 500: History and Foundations of Human Services. The professor is also the director of the human services program. I am impressed. I definitely have my work cut out for me. This month has started off better than anticipated. I feel this is a transitional month for me, and so far I can feel it happening. I feel happier and more attractive. I like the positive attention I am receiving from people I know and complete strangers. I look forward to more happy days ahead.

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