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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Standing by the water’s edge
Quietly making a silent pledge
Letting go of past afflictions
Looking to see my own reflection

The current moves in my direction
Take a step forward without caution
Dip feet into the shallow water
My mind goes into a blur

Suds gathers the ankles
Creating mini circles
Take in a deep breath
Desire life more than death

Stand still for a moment
Element poses no judgment
Clouds take in my thoughts
Nearby seagulls walk like robots

Walk back onto the shoreline
It’s a little past nine
The fresh morning breeze
Puts my mind at ease

 Sit down on the soft sand
With pen and notebook in hand
Jot down my inner emotions
And unresolved burdens

Wind picks up suddenly
Continue to write freely
Blowing through the many pages
Seeing self in different stages

Contemplate what’s next for me
As an overcast approaches the sea
Listen to the ocean speak
My hand becomes weak

Light rain begins to fall
Feeling ever so small
Alone and unaware
That God was always there

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