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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Duck (A short short story free-write)

The waves are crashing against the rocks
Seaweed on the rocks are basking in the sun’s glow
An overcast of clouds appear
The water’s tide shifts and begins to rise
A duck peeks its head out
His webbed feet paddles him along the current
He ducks disappearing under the cloudy, green, murky water
Eventually he reappears this time with fish in its beak
The small silver fish didn’t stand a chance
The duck swallows it whole and paddles its way towards the current
He disappears again
Sun peeks in and out of the clouds
Clouds blend in with the gray sky
The breeze picks up as boats go by
Water’s current swiftly moves along
The duck has yet to return

Author's note: Written at the waterfront at Brooklyn Bridge Park (DUMBO)

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