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Friday, June 10, 2011

A drive with my dad

I love taking drives with my dad. Not only he's a good driver, but we have the best conversations. Sometimes he plays music,  R&B or jazz, mainly songs we both enjoy. The car always smells good, sweet musk which nicely combines with the smell of his cologne. I can never tell what kind of cologne he wears since he wears many types. My dad always greets me with a kiss on my cheek, smiles, and says "How are you Darie?" Darie is a nickname he's been calling me since I was a little girl. I'm always happy to see my dad.

Our drives together can vary. Whether he's taking me to a doctor's appointment, or picking me up from work, it's always different. I get a chance to ask how he's feeling or what he did during the day. The story is different each time. My dad has had a difficult life. Things were not easy for him. Sacrifices, hardships, and lost all made my dad the strong person he is today. Despite adversities, my dad has found a new lease on life. He has inspired me in so many ways.

During our drives together, I share many personal things with him. I always say, "Well dad, you've lived more life than me, I trust your judgment." He always chuckles at my statement replying, "Well you know Darie, I'm always here to offer any advice or suggestion I can give. I am your dad." I share a lot with him, but the greatest gift is he shares a lot with me. I feel like I'm learning something new about him. For example, I didn't know how much the Marines impacted his life. The Marines taught my dad the importance of strength and courage, as well as, to take pride in self and this country. Listening to his experiences being a Marine, traveling overseas, and his respect for the armed forces, makes me proud. I am honored to be the daughter of a veteran.

I love my dad very much. I've always been a daddy's girl, and the older I get the closer I get to him. I'm lucky to have had him in my life, and truly appreciate our drives together. I think it adds more happiness to our lives and for that I am grateful.

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  1. Wow.. :) that's beautiful. I'm lost for words. God bless the both of you and may you two always remain close.