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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finding inspiration

It's hard to meet people. It's even harder to make new friends. I guess I'm going through a social dry spell. However, I won't let that stop me from having a good time...even if I'm alone. I love taking pictures and gain inspiration through things I see. It also influences me to write. Through pictures, colors, the warmth of the sun, all of these things makes my imagination soar! I'm grateful for life. Everyday I wake up, I know it gives me another chance to experience something new, gain more inspiration, more reason to write.

My hope, for anyone who reads this, is that they find their inspiration. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it. Don't let anyone steal your joy. We are all inspired by different things. Let that inspiration create a path and experience the journey along the way.

I am colorful. That's what inspires me to inspire others.


  1. I have also found that the older I get, the harder it is to make new friends, especially in NYC.

    I find that many people seem to be locked into the circle of friends they've had since college and are wary of letting new-comers in. I also find that many people are just so busy that it's hard to coordinate schedules to meet up.

    Still, like you, I challenge myself to be socially engaged even if it means going to some events alone. Even though I don't attend all events with the purpose of making new friends, I've had some very enlightening conversations with individuals at the ballet and opera for example.

  2. I would so like to have at least one good friend. The people today are too cold, selfish and lack imagination. What happen to having fun and laughing until your stomach hurts? My inspiration is reading Dara's words and looking at the colorful pictures she takes and how she associates the words with the pictures. :) That's my inspiration! :)