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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vamos! Let's go!

Vamos! Let’s go!
A New Year awaits
Don’t be nervous or hesitate
Just go with the flow

It’s time to take center stage
Show the world who you are
Turn a new page
Your chapter, your memoir

Feel good, be proud
Always stand tall
Don’t change for anyone
True to self is always allowed

Don’t worry or stress
Cry if necessary
Speak your mind
No one’s worth the depress

Love self, love others
Remember your worth
No need for dedication
If there’s no appreciation

Smile because you can
Be the leader of your own band
Ignore the haters, the naysayers
Life’s too short for phony actors

Be your own friend
Don’t be defined
By people or circumstances
You are your own trend


  1. I love your New Year's message. It is so uplifting! I need to read it every day!

  2. Yes, you can.
    No doudt you will.
    Vamos! Let's go!