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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dara Day 3

Saturday, May 19, 2012 

Take a walk with me
On another journey
Of reflection and time
Well spent you’ll see

Started out with a movie
Something not always done
A matinee, ate some popcorn
Enjoyed laughing at the comedy

Heading down the escalators
Didn’t know where to go next
More people came in the theater
Observing the new movie flyers

The sun was out
Smiled over the nice weather
Grabbed a bagel and juice
Deciding my next route

Pink roses align the walkway
Sat at a green table
Munched on the bagel, thinking
Wishing everyday was like today
Teens chat, little boy chased pigeons
A man talked loud to himself
Ladies walked by with shopping bags
Their actions blended like crayons 

Sky was blue, few clouds around
Cool breeze made the flowers bounce
Like a wave of colorful pinks and purples
Suddenly I heard no sound
Took some pictures of this scene
Curious onlookers watched me
Love how camera captures life
Clear, beautiful, serene

Went into the city
So crowded and busy
The doors opened, many rushed through
Been years since taking the ferry

Looked out onto the water
Breathed in the oncoming breeze
Reminisced during the ride
No one near was a bother
Hello to an unfamiliar island
Discovered a seating area
With tourists, family gatherings
Alone but not saddened

Tall building seen in the distance
Music playing in my ears
Reflecting, remembering
A structure of such essence
Grateful for this unplanned event
It has been a good week
Of newness, life lessons and wisdom
Feeling relaxed and content



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  1. Wonderful! :) Everyone should have / do a day by themselves. I think I will....... :)