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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The unwelcomed next door neighbor

There's this vacant lot next to my building. It's been abandoned for over two years and it's an ugly sight. Lately, there have been break-ins, a small fire, and people roaming around inside. The doors have been torn down which leaves room for crime to occur. It's dangerous walking by it. It's also scary knowing this is a hiding spot for anyone to start trouble. I have reported this to NYC 311, reporters on PIX 11 news, and tried to get neighbors to stand with me to get this fixed. To no avail, the lot is still open and no help has arrived. This is one next door neighbor I wish not to have. Something must be done before someone gets hurt.

Here's my story about this problem on


  1. Dara,

    You are absolutely right in that this vacant lot seems begging for something bad to happen in it...

    I'm most impressed with all the things that you have done to draw attention to this problem. It must feel so frustrating that despite all the things you have tried, nothing is being done to fix the problem.

    Perhaps the next step is to organize some sort of strike with some of your neighbors over one weekend that would drum up publicity and get news reporters to come and cover it and splash this all over the news stations?

    Wishing you much luck!

  2. How sad it is that people do not take responsibility for their trash. How sad for all those who must walk by and view it every day. How sad that others must ask for and even beg to have it cleaned. Whose responsibility is it? No one wants to claim it. Again, how sad. Americans need to clean up after ourselves. You do not see litter and trash in other parts of the world like you see here in America. How sad we do not respect or value our country enough to keep it clean.

  3. Unfortunately, some neighborhoods are simply ignored when it comes to garbage. Let's hope someone will take heed.