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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vacant lot closed and a grand opening

5-11-12 Friday night: Success! The vacant lot has been closed. Now let's see if any building will occur. At least now neighbors can breathe a sigh of relief.

5-12-12 Today: I did a story about my friend's grand opening of his new supermarket. This grand opening is a great accomplishment to my friend since he also owns the discount store next door. Walking in, Tee stood smiling and saying, "I was wondering when ya'll were coming!" Both my mom and I said, "We're so happy for you!" as we exchanged hugs and applause. His staff were applauding too. With heavy competition from nearby businesses, Tee has been struggling to keep his discount store afloat. This supermarket will not only help in dealing with competitors, but will offer a convenient supermarket that includes a fish market for all to enjoy. I asked Tee if I could do a story about today's grand opening. He willingly said yes and allowed me to take pictures. This is my first story where I interviewed someone, took pictures, and featured such an event. My amateur reporting skills are increasing. My article on this story can be found on

I am very proud of Tee and wish him nothing but success. When I asked him how he feels about his new supermarket, Tee proudly said, "I am grateful this is finally happening."


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  2. I'm very happy for our friend Tee and welcome the new supermarket especially the fish market because it's been a long time in coming. By the way, I brought some Whiting fish and cooked it on Mother's Day and it was absolutely delicious! :)