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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I made it to the boardroom

It's not every day the general public can go to MTA headquarters, especially their boardroom. I am one of the lucky ones. Today the MTA held a public hearing on their 5th floor boardroom, the same place reporters and members of the media congregate at press conferences. The room seems so big on TV but it's actually small. The board members look more stern on television than they do in person; they are friendly. The MTA chairman wasn't present at today's hearing but other board members were in attendance. Testimony from the public was given about proposed projects that will improve NYC Transit. The hearing lasted from 4:30 to 6pm. As I took notes, I remembered all the reports I watched my friend and PIX 11 reporter Greg Mocker did in the very same room. I imagined him being there and wondered what he would say if he had to give testimony. I smiled at the thought. I also remembered that a year ago I wanted to have the chance to do a story about the MTA, and visit their headquarters. I'm happy my wish came true.

Here's my story on Examiner:

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  1. You are too much Professor :) One never knows where you will show up at next.