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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rollercoaster week

This week was an interesting one. I learned a lot through stress, reflection, friendship, and taking a stand. Lack of sleep played a role in this too. Despite the rollercoaster of events, I believe through adversity there’s relief. Today is June 3rd, a new month, a new beginning. I look forward to turning things around for myself. It won’t be easy and I expect challenges, but I have to do it.

I’ve been going to the dentist for two weeks dealing with a bad tooth and its pain. Luckily I have a nice dentist, who not only took me in as a walk-in, but is very caring of my well-being. I went in on Friday, which started out as an adventure since I got lost getting to his office. Being in front of a cemetery and a large intersection wasn’t the place I was at a week ago. I ended up retracing my steps and found my way. After the exam, the dentist thanked me for doing a good job (I didn’t flinch when he inserted a large needle in my mouth. Looking at it made me nervous!). Then he said, “Come let me give you a hug.” I never say no to a hug. We embraced.  I told him how I appreciate his kindness and hug, because I’d woken up feeling down. I didn’t get into the details, but he said, “I’m glad I could make you happy.” Afterwards I got a coffee and banana nut muffin from a nearby bakery and took the bus. I couldn’t feel my mouth so drinking the coffee was a challenge. I still enjoyed it.

Classes have been going well. My students have learned a lot, and I’ve seen the progress they made. I’m proud of them. I’ve been networking a lot these days, and promoting my writing more especially on the journalistic side. I started an online newspaper called Advocates of Adult Literacy and ESL: It’s a newspaper that focuses on issues in adult literacy and ESL, and advocates for its programs and overall importance to our society. All content is generated from contacts I follow on Twitter or direct tweets to me. I am excited to see this come to life, and happy to see people promoting and reading it on Twitter and Facebook. I haven’t stopped there. I recently became a member of the Society of Professional Journalists! I want to learn more about the journalism business, and how to better market myself as a freelance writer. Let the networking begin!

I became a volunteer for New York Cares this week, and started yesterday. I’m working at a women’s shelter helping women in job search and resume writing. It’s every Saturday. Getting to the place was a challenge since I had to take a train underpass to get to its location. It was creepy and not well lit. I won’t be taking this route there anymore. Once I arrived, I met other volunteers and our team leader. All were nice and eager to help. It took a while for people to come to the computer lab. Actually, only one person showed up. She had a son who quickly gravitated to me. We played games on the computer, and talked about his interests. He is five years old. When it was time to leave, he ran out the lab crying. I went after him where he was laying on the floor crying. I picked him up and explained why we had to leave. He rested his head onto my shoulder saying, “Don’t leave.” I felt sad for him. When his mom asked for him, I put him down. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction his mom was walking. He said, “You come to my house.” I smiled telling him I can’t do that, but promised him we would continue our game session next Saturday. He nodded his head, and I told his mom how I adored her son. She said thank you and they went inside their apartment. The team leader looked in awe saying I had a way with kids. I smiled saying, “I had a nice time. I will be back next Saturday.”

Later, I met with my friend whom I haven’t seen in months. We laughed and caught up on our life’s adventures. One of the things I enjoy most is when we drive into the city. I love watching Manhattan’s skyline, especially during sunset. It’s beautiful. Taking pictures is always a favorite, especially going by the pier. He likes it too. In sitting by the waterfront, I began sharing some things that’s been on my mind lately. Suddenly, I felt a tear drop. I kept talking. When I felt another drop, I said, “I didn’t come out here to do this.” My friend embraced me as the tears flowed. I was surprised that happened since I didn’t feel sad. It was unexpected. I’m happy I cried in front of him, because despite all we’ve been through I know he truly cares about me. Sometimes I hold things in and tell myself I’m fine when deep down inside I’m not. For me, talking is the best way in dealing with things. I try not to cry much. I guess those tears were waiting to come out. Traditionally when I’d cry, we would go to Dunkin Donuts and have something to drink. Last night was no different. I appreciate him listening and being there. As I admitted to him last night, sometimes I feel alone. I feel I’m not understood or heard which can be frustrating. I’m not where I want to be. Maybe someday that will change.

I hope next week will be a good one. I will work towards that.

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  1. There are many bumps and turns along the road of life, brace yourself and fasten your seat belt.