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Monday, June 25, 2012

Standing by water

When I stand by the pier looking out at the water, I close my eyes feeling the cool breeze. When I open them, I can see the sun’s presence in the background. The horizon seems endless. I can’t see that far away. I can only imagine what lies behind it, if anything at all. I like to observe the water’s current. As it moves, I imagine it carrying away my thoughts. The water is my constant counselor. I can share anything and everything to “her” and it’s never revealed to anyone. The clouds, if present, are like pockets where I store ideas, goals, and wishes about things ranging from careers to love. The sun is interesting. Depending on the mood, she can be very hot, or warm enough to know she’s there. There are times she hides behind the clouds. When this happens, I imagine those ideas, goals, and wishes being processed and released back to the water. These are the things I daydream about when I’m by the pier or any type of waterfront. After this happens, I return to reality and focus on how I’m feeling at that moment. I always pray because I appreciate the time spent by the water. I allow my thoughts to roam and whichever one that lingers I focus on more. I think about my family, I think about my friends. I think about those I love. Then I think about me. I feel I’m reaching another crossroad where decisions have to be made. The irony is whichever way it goes it’s still something to smile about, thankfully. I hope water’s current will lead me into the right direction and carry me to where I need to be.  I trust she will provide me with an answer soon. For now, I will continue to go by the water and reflect. 

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  1. Still waters run deep...... :)