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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grad school acceptance, future social worker

I'm a grad student. (Smiling and taking a deep breath) Today, I was accepted to the University of Southern California (USC) Master's in Social Work program. No, I am not moving to California (maybe I will someday). I am part of their virtual program where I'll be taking the same classes, as on-campus students, just online. It's challenging but something I haven't done before. I spoke to my admissions advisor and was told this MSW program is "highly competitive," and the admissions committee really liked my personal statement. I'm honored and thank USC for accepting me into their program. I shared the good news on Facebook and Twitter and the response was overwhelming! I thank all my friends for their support and for believing in me. It means a lot, especially when beginning a new journey. I was asked from a friend, and social worker, if I was excited. I told him I was but didn't mention I'm also nervous. I'm confident I can do a good job, but nervous by the newness of it all. I'm looking forward  to starting my classes and field placement. I hope where ever I'm placed, I'll gain the necessary skills needed to be a successful social worker. I hope to learn a lot and enjoy the process. My goal is to incorporate this great field with another great field, ESL teaching. There's a strong connection between the two and somehow I will find a way to bring them both together. In doing so, not only will I be doing something I love, but help more people. No matter what happens in this new journey, I will continue to teach. I will always be a teacher.

Promise to self: I will work hard and continue to teach and help people. I will do my best in serving the community and have empathy for all those in need. I will be their advocate, and empower them to be self-sufficient. This is my goal.

I'm proud to say I'm a grad student. I give all praise and gratitude to God, because He made this possible. My dream begins January 2013.

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