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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking a walk

I like to take a walk. Most times,  I have no set destination. I don't have any special errands to make. I don't even pay much attention to the weather. I pack a bag, put on my comfortable sneakers, and head out. I always put on a favorite song when starting my walk. Depending on my mood, it can be a club beat or a love song. I look to the sky and admire its beauty. If it's raining, I turn down my music to listen to the raindrops. If it's sunny, I let the warmth touch my face for a moment. I love sunny days most. I like when it's breezy, because I can smell the perfume I'm wearing. Each time I go for a walk, I wear a different scent. I love to smell good, it heightens my mood. Sometimes, my walk begins with a bus ride to a specific location, sometimes a train ride. If I'm staying in the neighborhood, I take a stroll. I watch people's movements, facial expressions, or listen to passing conversations. Some of them are interesting, some I wish I hadn't heard. There's a lot of construction in my area so the drilling, broken pavement, and dust is unavoidable. It can be difficult crossing the street with huge trucks blocking the walkway. The men in hardhats usually look aggravated. Once, I was told to try flirting with the guys at a construction site. My shyness and their facial expressions discourages me from doing so.

I like walking down different blocks. There are many streets and avenues in the city. No one block is alike. Each one has something different about it, whether it's the types of houses, stores, or people that resides there. Fall season is the best time to explore, especially tree lined blocks. Seeing the colorful trees along a block is pretty. I enjoy walking through neighborhoods I once lived in, or pass by schools I've attended. It's surreal how quickly time flies. It wasn't too long ago that the playground was gigantic. Today it's so small. The schools still look the same on the outside, but the buildings surrounding them are new. The culture of people have changed drastically too. It's no longer an all Black, Hispanic neighborhood. It's not as "bad" as it was years ago. We still have our problems, but this time we actually have police presence.

I see a lot when walking. I like street art and see lots of it! I also like art that honors history. I like walking through parks and along waterfronts. I even like walking through subway stations. The things found in a subway station can be intriguing. The people are interesting to watch too. Their way of dress varies depending on the station's location. One can learn a lot from reading subway ads or subway art. Artists that share their craft with millions of people riding the trains is admirable. I love free music.

Taking a walk is reflective. I always come back with new perspectives and ideas. It fuels my creatively. I become inspired by what I see. Music plays a major role in this experience. Lyrics, beats, vocals all captivate me. I love passing by a cafe. The smell of fresh coffee is addictive, I don't want to leave it. I like to think about my present, future, and remember my past. Walking gives me strength and makes me happy. It's an adventure.

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