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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Teachers never stop teaching and learning (creatively)

I am teaching again and this time I'm doing things my way. Beginning October 14th, I will be offering a free ESL conversation class at a local recreational center. Every Sunday afternoon until December 16th, students will have a chance to practice speaking English in a fun, pressure free environment. I already have my classroom, all I need are students. Once I posted this on Facebook, the response has been great. Majority of my former students are interested and say they will attend. I look forward to seeing them again. I've missed them, I miss teaching. My goal is to give back to a community that welcomed me when I first started teaching. It’s my pleasure to do this for them and for my students. No matter what happens in the job market, teachers never stop teaching. I’m proud to be one.

The creative bug has hit me again, this time through video.  I created two videos in an effort to express my missing of PIX 11 (It’s been over a month since PIX has been off TV). A dispute between a cable company and the network has caused PIX11 to be off air. Those of us who are customers of this cable company cannot watch PIX11 on our TVs. It’s frustrating and unfair. PIX11 created a campaign asking fans to upload a video of what they miss about PIX11. I did and emailed my videos to PIX. The response was wonderful and surprising. I didn’t expect anyone to like it, especially the one where I’m “crying.” I’m still laughing at myself. Sometimes my creativity can be humorous! Here are the links to both videos on YouTube:

“I miss PIX11 so much that it makes me cry”:

I truly appreciate the support and viewership! It means a lot.

As for jobs and grad school, I’m still waiting. I’ve been told I should hear back from the grad school I applied to “shortly.” I went on a second interview for a job position I really hope I get. I should hear something from them no later than early October.  I’m anticipating an opportunity that will not only give back to the community, but gain skills in social work. I will keep you posted.

On the writing front, one of my stories was rejected from a publication, as well as from a writing contest. I felt bummed out about it, but with my stubbornness, it makes me want to write more. I haven’t forgotten you, my fans of Transitional Love. It should be completed in a few weeks. I’m still writing for Examiner. I’m being more creative with that by adding video and pictures to my news stories. Of course, I’m always looking for new stories to cover! Have a story to share? Email me at  I’m working on a community blog I created a month ago that needs more activity. So far there are only two posts, one from me and a friend of mine. The blog is called, Together Under the Sun:  If interested, check out the site and submit a post. All are welcomed and you don’t need to be a writer to write.

I love the Fall season. I like the changing of the leaves and the chance to discover something new. Change is good.

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