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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Does our voices count anymore?


With all that's been happening with this blizzard, little to no cleanups, Mayor's lack of concern, and a fare hike in effect tomorrow (less than 20 mins from now), I wonder does our voices count anymore? We, New Yorkers, are becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of consideration from "the powers that be." They need to walk a day in our shoes. I can speak for most of us that our streets and sidewalks haven't been cleaned properly, and as a result people missed days from work, got stranded; there were even lives lost because the roads were snowed up and EMTs, firefighters and police couldn't get to people in time. There's NO excuse why the city wasn't better prepared. I understand people abandoned their cars, but that's because they couldn't get through the all the snow. Yes it caused blockage on the streets, but it was a matter of sitting in a stuck car or leaving it.

And what I don't understand is the lack of concern from our Mayor. I know he can only do his best, but I don't think he did in this case. Instead, he made excuses and caught an attitude when asked about his "lack of sensitivity," and whether he "cares" about New Yorkers. This is based on today's news conference with the Mayor in Hunts Point, Bronx (video posted on my page and blog). It angers me that we're getting less and paying more. When the MTA chairman was asked about wavering the fare hikes, he said "no" and insisted it must continue to be in effect. How sad! So all the people who were stranded on the A train, other trains were completely suspended, not to mention no buses, LIRR, Metro North and NJ transit were all affected, we STILL have to pay more. Thanks Mr. MTA Chairman for showing your concern for us--the people who help keep this city running.

Does our voices count for anything? It seems like the more we say, the more we get shut out and the "powers that be" continues doing what they want. Shaking my head in disgust.

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