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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Musical free write--New Year's Eve 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2010

Listening to the song “The Other Side” by El Debarge, I feel happy and inspired. You know what that means, another creative note, thought, maybe a poem—who knows? For now I’ll just free write and let my thoughts consume me, like this song is doing to my soul. His voice and the background music are so moving that it’s almost spiritual. I love music. It helps me think, relax, step out of my shell whether it’s through writing or facing the world. It helps build my confidence. I feel free! I am grateful for artists like Debarge, Remy Shand, Deborah Bond, Incognito, Jill Scott, Al Jareau, Musiq Soulchild, and so many others that make good soul, jazz, and pop music! I love them for creating such a powerful tool to bring people together, soothe the soul, and evoke happiness through their music.

Its 12:11am and officially New Year’s Eve. Soon it will be January first 2011. I’ve been pondering on my New Year’s wishes—I won’t say “resolutions,” because I usually don’t follow them. This 2010 has been challenging and I’ve reflected a lot. I’m grateful for the good and bad things that happened, because I needed to reflect. This year was a reflecting and learning year. New Year 2011 is a year of doing. I’m happy God blessed me to have a nice ending to November and all of December. I feel prepared to enter 2011 with a smile (something I haven’t been able to do for a few years) and eagerness to start a new chapter in my life. It’s about Dara, her writing journey, teaching, counseling, and empowering others. Letting go of the past was the BEST thing I could’ve done and although it’s still a process, it’s becoming easier to do.

How appropriate I’m listening to “Liberate” by Remy Shand. The right songs are playing as I write this. Thank goodness for Zune and the shuffle feature!

My proposal for 2011 is, allow the inner-self to come out and play. No more shyness, or fear, it’s time to be embraced by the world. Allow love to come in, and give love to others. Be healthy and wise, ignoring anyone who wants to criticize. Stay afloat and not let life’s troubles get to you, because tomorrow is another day—another opportunity. Let’s be thankful for our treasures and cherish them, and continue to live this life to the fullest. Happy New Year everyone! Stay beautiful!!!

A poem…

Music makes me wanna sing
Dance and bop my head
The instruments and lyrics
Soothes my spirit

Creativity and freedom
Immerse myself
Within the blending of beats

Hollow voices swarm
Around my ears
Feet bounce
Hands wiggle
Shoulders circulate

I close my eyes
Travel with the music
Smile along the way
Not wanting to leave

Original poem by Dara K. Fulton 12-31-2010

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