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Monday, February 14, 2011

The best Valentine's Day a girl could have

Today, I woke up like any other day when I realized it's Valentine's Day. Instead of my "Oh I don't have a Valentine" routine, I said my prayers, took in the bright sun (it was bright today), and began my day. I even cooked breakfast (something I don't usually do!). I was planning to observe a class today but something told me not to go. So I rescheduled for tomorrow. I was putting on my perfume when I received an email. The email was from my friend. He was doing a story about a new idea from the MTA to track bus schedules via text messaging. One of the buses using this new "tracking" system is a bus I take, the B63 in Brooklyn. I take this bus to go home from work and not only it's slow, but takes me a long time to get home. When he said he wanted to meet with me, I was so happy. "Is it possible I'm going to meet someone I admire so much...on Valentine's Day of all days?" I thought to myself. I must have ran from my room to the living room many times preparing my bags, putting on my shoes, even picking out what coat to wear! I began my journey.

Luckily, the bus and train were running fast (this is definitely luck), and I didn't feel as nervous as I thought I would. I felt calm and confident. Once I got to my destination, I saw my friend with his camera man walking across the street. I yelled out his name. He looked towards me and said "Hi, Dara." This is the first time meeting my friend, which is something I prayed about for a long time. We hugged, talked, and began the story. I always wanted to be on TV. To experience my dream with someone I admire (more than words can express), was one of the best things that could happen to me. He is so charming, funny, and just himself. He seems larger than life on TV, but in person, he is like all of us. Working hard, making a difference, staying on the trail of something different. I had the pleasure of telling him how much I care about him. This is so personal for me to share, because of how I feel towards him. Although there is so much I wanted to say, I wanted to take in every moment, every word, every smile we gave each other. That was more important to me.

After we finished the story about the bus, we took pictures and talked some more. One of the many moving things he shared with me is his appreciation of my Facebook group (which honors him). Also, he expressed that when I get down, don't let it get to me. Stay strong and continue staying on the trail. He must of read a recent note I wrote on Facebook where I expressed my sadness as of late. Knowing he reads my work does my heart wonders. An inspiration, creative, funny, and kindhearted individual I've admired for a long time, I had the chance to meet face to face. I will forever love this Valentine's Day, and will forever love him.

Thank you for making this woman feel special and beautiful.

Happy Valentine's Day 2011


  1. Dara, I was so glad to read your description of your meeting with Greg. Your description expresses your feelings well. Thanks for sharing. And wow! It was Valentine's day too!

  2. Aw......don't they look special. :) Two beautiful souls. :) Happy Valentine's Day! God is good all the time.

  3. I am so glad you had this opportunity...and on Valentine's Day!