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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dara Day 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Every so often I like to have a “Dara Day” where I explore new neighborhoods, drink a latte, and take pictures of what I see. It’s also a time that allows me to reflect, think about the future, and be one with myself.  I explored the downtown area and Sunset Park neighborhoods of Brooklyn. The weather was nice, in the mid 40s, and even with ice on the ground, the sun was bright. When I have these “Dara Days,” I like to have a drink from Starbucks. I love going to Starbucks! Their drinks, warm or cold, and ambiance makes me feel euphoric. I bought a hot caramel macchiato. Yum! What I found funny was the way they misspelled my name from Dara to “Bara.” I laughed. Then I headed to the Promenade where I took in the clear blue sky, bright sun, and slipped on some ice. Don’t worry, I didn’t fall…just skated! I found an empty bench and stared at the skyline of Manhattan. No matter how difficult life can be in New York City, I’ll always love its skyline. As the wind blew, I closed my eyes listening to Queen Latifah’s “Nature of a Sista” album. Every time I listen to her music, I feel like queen. I began daydreaming about the summer and what I would like to do. For instance, I want to take the Circle Line around Manhattan. I want to party at the South Street Seaport. I want to revisit Harlem and buy some sweet incense oils to wear.  I began to smile. Then I thought about visiting Rockaway beach and collecting some seashells. I may even wear a bathing suit instead of shorts and a T-shirt. I was awakened from my daydream when I heard someone slipping on the ice near me. As I looked, a couple stood. The man was helping his girl from falling on the ice. How sweet, I thought. 

I decided to leave the Promenade having a desire to go to the park. The ice didn’t intimidate me. At this point, I took one last gulp of my caramel macchiato and headed out.  I ended up going to Sunset Park, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods. I want to live there someday. The wind picked up speed, and I had to use the bathroom. I knew I couldn’t stay out there long. As I walked towards the center of the park, there were huge pockets of ice and slush. Not to mention I was wearing sneakers. I wasn’t sure if I could reach the center where a flagpole stands. There is a nice view of Brooklyn and the water (“Gowanus” I believe it’s called). I wanted to get there to take some pictures. So I took a step. “This isn’t so bad!” I thought.  I took another step until I walked midway to my destination. The following step was…well…”squish!” I couldn’t move. My foot got stuck in a pocket of ice. “Oh no! How am I going to get back?” I said aloud. A few kids were around, but not close enough to help me. The few who saw me started to laugh at me. I can’t blame them; I would’ve laughed at myself too. “Well I’m not leaving here without my picture!” I thought to myself.  I took out my camera phone and took some pictures. As I looked back, I didn’t realize how far I’d walked on the ice. I gently moved my foot out of the ice pocket and stepped onto some slush. To my relief, I was able to walk…somewhat. Once I got to dry land, I smiled and left the park. 

The sun was setting. It was beautiful. I headed to a nearby diner where I ate, rested, and of course used the restroom. 

This was a good Dara Day. 


  1. I enjoyed my visit to Sunset Park through your excellent description and pictures. Hope you didn't ruin your shoe!

  2. That's my Professor :) always up to something.
    Your description and pictures of your journey are wonderful but next time make sure you have on your boots. :)