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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Xin yin kuai ler!

What did I just say??? Let's see if you can figure it out by the time you finish reading this blog. Tonight, I attended a party with my students. There were lots of food, the color red, smiley faces, and music...that weren't in English. I dressed up for this party to show my appreciation of a culture I've been experiencing for 6 years. Pictures were taken, lots of them, and applause when guests arrived. We talked about our goals, things we wanted to accomplish, and even some wishes for our families. The food was colorful, from different regions within the same country, and tasted oh so good! Or I should say, "ho mei" (yummy). I felt proud by the reception I received from the students, and loved the hugs more. When done, everyone left with a plate or tray of food to take home. I had my share packed in shopping bags! They were happy and so was I. It was an honor to attend this party, and I am more honored to be their teacher.

Can you guess what type of party this is? I'll give you a hint. It's something "new" and is celebrated in China.


  1. Happy New Year!! - Xin yin kuai ler!
    This is the year of the rabbit. I did my homework. :)
    You look lovely in your Chinese robe.

  2. You look so happy in this picture. The love of your jobs shines through.