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Friday, November 4, 2011

Here's to a good weekend

I dedicate this to a friend.

What would you do?
Head to Westside highway
Turn off the cell phone
Stare at the horizon
Wishing the water was blue
But you don’t care
You enjoy being alone
No one to stare
At you, the familiar one
Walking down a block
An avenue or street
Looking for a place to eat
See children poking fun
Of a couple kissing
Holding hands, embracing
You’re left contemplating
So many cafes
Coffee-mocha, caramel latte
You’d rather have a sandwich
From Abby’s Deli

Would you stay home?
Look out the window
Watching people roam
No computer or TV
Resting from a busy week
You sit in the room quietly
Grab your favorite book
Flip through the pages
Wonder what ever happened
To the picture you took
Friends once known
Living through their careers
Jokes made, ways of dress
Tickles your funny bone
Sweet memories, time flies
Night makes a surprise
Maybe you’ll say
“I’m not ready for Monday”
If only every weekend
Could be this way


  1. Sounds like you are taking time to smell the roses and appreciate your blessings. :)