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Friday, November 25, 2011


Someday I will fly
Be one with the sky
Feeling carefree
Truly my intention
Air carries me
No set direction

Someday I will find
All that embodies Life
Nature would be so kind
Offering sunlight to dark
Places now peaceful
Calm and cheerful
Are the people
Who couldn’t foresee
What they are meant to be

Someday love will find
Me, You, and Us
Love with her boldness
Opens her arms wide
Those who hurt inside
Its power can’t be sold
Heal hearts turned cold

Someday Happiness will smile
Touches the heart and soul
Helps one to console
A friend or neighbor
We’re all in this together

No one will seek
The need to be unique
Having confidence alone
Accomplishes a milestone
Inner self would be appreciated
Love overshadows hatred

Someday we all will fly
Don’t be nervous or shy
We just need to try
To soar high in the sky

Watch my narration of this poem on my YouTube channel, DKirstene:

1 comment:

  1. I think the lyrics by Beth Milder says it best:

    Fly, fly, fly high against the sky,
    so high I almost touch the sky.
    Thank you, thank you,
    thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings. :)